You are an entrepreneur and selling handmade kites. Your company Kites-R-Fun has been contacted by a customer in Alaska who wants to purchase several of your best-selling kites and wants you to ship them to her. You have already established the cost at $4 each and it's only going to cost you $8 to ship these items to Alaska. Your competitor Windy Kites sells the same items, but charges half of your price. However, if the customer buys from your competitor, she will be charged $20 in shipping costs.
Write two equations to represent the customer's total cost based on how many kites she purchases from each company where y is the total cost and x is the number of kites purchased.
1. Total cost for Kites-R-Fun *
y = 4x + 8
y = 4x + 20
y = 8x + 4
y = 8x + 20
2. Total Cost for Windy Kites *
y = 2x + 10
y = 2x + 20
y = 8x + 20
y = 20x + 4

3. If the customer in Alaska wants to buy 4 kits, who should she buy from? *
Windy Kites
4. If the customer in Alaska wants to buy 10 kits, who should she buy from? *
Windy Kites

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  2. For number 1 the answer is Y=4X +8 because X stands for how many Kites will be bought and 4 is the number you will multiply the X by once you find it and then the shipping cost will cost 8 dollars no matter how many you buy it will always cost +8. Number 2 is Y+2x+4 because of the same reason really. Number 3 is Kites-R-Fun and Number 4 is Windy Kites my good sir lol

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  3. i'm doing this same thing and need hep with number 2
    Total cost of windy kites

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