Iron (III) Nitrate reacts with sodium carbonate to form a precipitate.
Be sure to indicate oxidation states and the precipitate.
Skeletal Equation:
Ionic Equation:
NET Ionic Equation:
Balanced Equation:
Spectator Ions:
I got the skeletal equation, but I need help with the Ionic Equation and the NET Ionic Equation. Please help!!

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  1. And why didn't you write what you know? I assume those are SOLUTIONS of ferric nitrate and sodium carbonate.
    Iron (III) Nitrate reacts with sodium carbonate to form a precipitate.
    The molecular equation is as follows: I assume you have that.
    Fe(NO3)3(aq) + Na2CO3(aq) ==> Fe2(CO3)3(s) + NaNO3(aq). Balance that.
    2Fe(NO3)3(aq) + 3Na2CO3(aq) ==> Fe2(CO3)3(s) + 6NaNO3(aq).
    That is the total balanced equation. Now turn that into the total ionic equation.
    2Fe^3+(aq) + 6(NO3)-(aq) + 6Na^+ + 3(CO3)^2-(aq) ==> Fe2(CO3)3(s) + 6Na^+ + 6(NO3)^-(aq).
    To turn this into the net ionic equation, cancel those ions common to both sides of the equation. Those are Na^+ and (NO3)^-. The net ionic equation is what is left. That is.
    2Fe^3+(aq)+ + 3(CO3)^2-(aq) ==> Fe2(CO3)3(s)

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  2. Thank you!!

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