How do you find the skeleton equation for

lithium chromate(aq)+ barium chloride (aq) ==> lithium chloride (aq)+ barium chromates(s)

nickel(II) oxide(s) +oxygen(g)==> nickel(II) oxides(S)+dichlorine pentoxide(g)

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  1. lithium chromate(aq)+ barium chloride (aq) ==> lithium chloride (aq)+ barium chromates(s)
    Li2CrO4(aq) + BaCl2(aq) ==> LiCl(aq) + BaCrO4(s)

    nickel(II) oxide(s) +oxygen(g)==> nickel(II) oxides(S)+dichlorine pentoxide(g)
    NOTE: You haven't copied the second equation correctly. There is no way you can get Cl2O5 when you don't have chlorine or a chlorine product anywhere in the equation

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