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Hi so i'm at connections academy. I was doing the feudal Europe unit test and wanted to ensure my grade is good. I'm asking you guys to check my work. (if you did the test, or are a teacher) i will put MY answers down below, except for the essay questions. Please either say yes or no if they are right or wrong. BUT DON'T TELL ME THE CORRECT ANSWER IF THEY ARE WRONG! I DON'T WANT TO GET IN TROUBLE FOR CHEATING!!!!!
4:(is drag and drop,) i chose; more people moved to towns, and trade and industry grew
5: A
9: N/A (ESSAY)
11: A,C
19:N/A (ESSAY)
20:N/A (ESSAY)
21:N/A (ESSAY)

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  1. Without knowing the questions, how would we know if the answers are correct?

  2. Oh oops

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  3. 1:How did the role of the church in education change over time?

    Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church.

    Priests became the only teachers at universities.

    C. <<<<<<
    Schools began to provide education beyond religious instruction.

    The church declared that only religious subjects could be taught at universities.
    2:Look at the timeline of a span of European history.

    A timeline of select events of the Middle Ages is shown. The timeline ranges from the year 500 to the year 1500. The timeline shows that in 597, Pope Gregory I sent missionaries to Britain. It shows that in 800, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor. It shows that in 966, the first Polish king converted to Christianity. It shows that circa 1200, monasteries began to take an active role in society. It shows that Thomas Aquinas published his work on natural law in 1265.

    Which of the following best describes the theme of the timeline?
    the fall of the Roman Empire

    the Reformation in Europe

    the Age of Charlemagne

    D. <<<<<
    the spread of the Catholic faith
    3: Which of the following was an effect of the Crusades?

    People became more isolated in their home regions.

    Christianity was limited to European countries.

    C. <<<<<<<<<<
    Muslim advances in science and medicine spread to Europe.

    Trade declined because people feared violence.
    4: Drag and drop the correct descriptions to identify the effects of agricultural improvements on Europe.

    Trade and industry grew <<<<
    Less land was cleared for farming.
    Population increased.
    More people moved to rural areas to farm
    More people moved to towns. <<<<<
    5: Why did the authors of the Magna Carta include this text? (55)

    A. <<<<<<<<
    They wanted to limit the church's authority to fine people.

    They wanted to limit the power of the king to fine people unjustly.

    They wanted to establish their own power to issue fines.

    They wanted to give the archbishop power over the king to collect fines.
    6:Which advances in weaponry developed during the Hundred Years' War made war more deadly? Select all that apply.

    A. <<<<
    the longbow

    B. <<<<<
    the cannon

    the lance

    D. <<<<<<
    the gun

    the crossbow
    7:How did an agricultural surplus relate to expanded trade during the High Middle Ages?

    A. <<<<<<<<<<
    Trade increased because surplus crops could be traded.

    Trade decreased because surplus crops were needed to feed local populations.

    Trade decreased because surplus crops led to an oversupply of grains that could not be sold.

    Trade increased regionally but decreased globally because trade networks had shrunk.
    8: N/A(ESSAY)
    9:N/A (ESSAY)
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10:Which two groups serve lords?

    king, peasants

    vassals, peasants

    king, knights

    D. <<<<<<<<<<<<
    peasants, knights
    11:Read the quote about Charlemagne.

    “The man who led the Franks to victory and so created modern Europe was Charles the Great. . . . [W]ithout Charles and the legend of Charles Europe would have had a different history and a different character.”

    Which of Charlemagne’s accomplishments might this writer have had in mind in crediting Charlemagne with the creation of “modern Europe”? Choose the TWO correct answers.

    A. <<<<<<<<
    He established a peace that lasted for centuries.

    He blocked the power of the popes.

    C. <<<<<<<<<<
    He helped spread Christianity.

    He encouraged the creation of schools.
    12:Which was the Catholic Church’s most powerful tool in maintaining its authority in medieval Europe?

    its missionary work

    its monasteries and convents

    C. <<<<<<<<<
    its control over the sacraments

    its hospitals and schools
    13:Why did monks and nuns promise to live their entire lives within their religious communities?

    They needed to live alone to practice Christianity freely.

    B. <<<<<<<<<<
    They made a vow to devote their entire lives to God.

    They could better provide services to others by living in a religious community.

    They could no longer own property once they joined the church.
    14:Which of the following is the main reason towns grew during the High Middle Ages?

    People needed a place for entertainment.

    People needed a place to practice their religion.

    C. <<<<<<<<<
    People needed a place to sell and buy goods.

    People needed to join a guild.
    15:Which of the following are accurate statements about how Europe changed as a result of Otto the Great's rule? Select all that apply.

    Europe was divided among several German nobles.

    B. <<<<<<<<<
    An empire made up of Germany, parts of Italy, and much of central and Eastern Europe was created.

    Europe was unified under a single government.

    D. <<<<<<<<<
    A line of Ottonian kings ruled after Otto's death.

    E. <<<<<<<<<<
    The empire came to be known as the Holy Roman Empire.
    16:Which invaders came from south of the European continent?



    C. Muslims

    D. Normans

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  4. OOPS sry, btw 16 was c i wasnt supposed to put 2

    17:Where in Europe did a Muslim dynasty establish a state in the 700s?

    A. <<<<<<<



    18:Which of the following statements accurately describes the movement of ideas and goods during the Middle Ages?

    A. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    The rivers of Europe allowed people to move easily and spread new ideas.

    The mountains of Europe made transportation and the spread of goods and ideas difficult.

    Europe's many oceans and seas were the only means of travel to Asia.

    European rivers did not flow from east to west, which limited the spread of ideas and goods.

    and the rest are essay

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  5. The first four answers are right. The fifth is wrong.

    I may be back later to check more answers.

  6. Actually, the fifth needs more information.

    6. - I don't know.
    7. A - yes
    10. D - no
    11. A and C -- one is wrong
    12. C = yes

  7. ok this is the text that the question gave us from the magna carta on number 5 ;All fines that have been given to us unjustly and against the law of the land . . . shall be entirely remitted [given back] or the matter decided by a majority judgment of the twenty-five barons . . . together with [the] archbishop. . . .

    --Magna Carta, 1215

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  8. 5. A is wrong.

  9. sooo. what was your tst score?

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