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I have been stuck on this assignment for 3 days now please help.

1. From what you have read in the article, how does J.M. Barrie's life reflect the story of Peter Pan? What sort of life did J.M. Barrie lead?

2. Where does J.M. Barrie get his inspiration for the story of Peter Pan? How does he come up with the name Peter Pan?

3. Discuss Mr. Barrie's inspirations for each of the characters listed:
Mrs. Darling:
Mr. Darling:
Peter Pan (provide the direct line where he describes Peter):
Wendy Darling:
the fairy Tinker Bell:
Captain Hook:

4. How did Mr. Barrie obtain custody of the five Davies boys? Which boy was most like Mr. Barrie? What did Terri Windling mean when she said the boy was a "fey" child?

5. Barrie novelized the story of the play in a book titled Peter and Wendy. Describe the addition of the final scene of the book. What are your thoughts about this final scene? Do you like the addition?

6. Barrie once wrote in the voice of Peter Pan that dying would be what? Who did J.M. Barrie leave the royalties from "Peter Pan" to? What do you think of that? What does it say about Mr. Barrie's life and even after he passed away?


7. Do you think that knowing about the author's life helps the reader understand the story of Peter Pan better? (You can answer this even if you've never read or seen a version of the Peter Pan story.) Why or why not? Does knowing about J.M. Barrie's life make you more or less interested in the story of Peter Pan? Why? (This answer should be at least 200 words in length)

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Ms. Sue
  1. Really? Does Ileana expect someone here to write all her assignments for her??

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