Social Studies

In what way was the government of the Tang and Song dynasties the same?
A. Both used a civil service exam to select officials
B. Both closed Chinese ports to limit foreign trade
C. both gave controlled to powerful military leaders
D. Both made official change positions every three years

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  1. 1. Read/re-read your text with this particular question in mind.

    2. Use to search for "tang dynasty" and then "song dynasty"

    3. Read LOTS in those search results and take notes.

    Let us know what you learn.

  2. what was the answer?

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  3. 1.A. It welcomed foreigners and their beliefs.
    D.It was located at one end of the Silk Road.

    Both used a civil service exam to select officials.

    3.C. The economy prospered and experienced growth in many different industries.

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