Social Studies

Please check my answers (:

1. Why did muhammad retreat to a cave outside of Mecca?

A. He wanted to Escape corrupt Meccan society.
B. He was looking for wisdom from god.
C. He had been told by an angel to go there. ---
D. He was hiding from his persecutors.

2. Which of the following was a significant event in the spread of Islam?

A. the defeat of the Gupta in India ---
B. the fall of the Sasanian Persian empire
C. the conversion of Romans to Islam
D. the growth of the Bedouin tribes in Arabia

3. Which of the following was one contribution Muslim mathematicians made to today's world?

A. a widely used system of numerals ---
B. advanced trigonometry
C. the Pythagorean theorem
D. a system of negative numbers

--- is the answer i think it is

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  1. I disagree with your first two answers, but the third answer is right. Check your text.

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  2. Ms. Sue, thank you, here are my updated answers.
    1. B
    2. D

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  3. Yes, those answers are right.

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  4. 30 Questions correct answers
    1)C. 2)A. 3)A. 4)C. 5)B. 6)D. 7)D. 8)B. 9)D. 10)C.11)B. 12)B. 13)D. 14)C. 15)C. 16)D. 17)C. 18)A. 19)B. 20)C. 21)A. 22)C.E. 23)B. 24)A.D.E. 25)B. 26)C. 27)D. 28)A.C. 29)A.C. 30)A.D. 2 OPEN QUESTIONS

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  5. Soo wrong lol

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  6. The right answer to 1 is A.He wanted to escape corrupt Meccan society.

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  7. The right answer to 2 is B.
    the fall of the Sasanian Persian empire

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  8. I agree

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