Please Check My Answer:
Find the probability that you throw a dart and land in the region labeled "G"
Here is a link to the image: I can't place it in here, but if you google the question, the very first image that pops up (A square with different colors and a yellow line going down the middle) you will have the image
My Answer:
Area of one triangle is 1/2*1*1=1/2 units square.
There are 9 in total, so area G = 9/2 units square.

2. The square has side length equal to 10, so the square area is 100 units square.

3. P(landing in G)=Area of G/total area= (9/2)/100=9/200= 0.045

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  1. I cant find the image that matches your description.
    However, your thinking appears sound.

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  2. If you google this question above, the image is the very first one that pops up. It is a square that has an orange line going down the middle and it has other shapes around it that are the colors red blue purple and green. In the middle of the line, it says G

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    The whole square has area 100 units^2
    the purple plus green is half of that or 50 units^2
    The pink plus blue is triangle with base of 9 and height of 9
    area of that = (1/2)(9)(9) = 81/2 units^2

    so the area you want = 100-50-81/2 = 9.5 units^2

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  4. correction:
    I miscounted. The pink plus blue is triangle with base of 8 and height of 8
    area of that = (1/2)(8)(8) = 32 units^2

    so the area you want = 100-50-32 = 18 units^2

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