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On Sunday I was rear ended while waiting in line at a McDonald’s drive thru. I got out right after it happened while still in line to see if I could see any damages because I did hear and feel the impact. The person who hit me yelled at me that there was no damage and to hurry up and pay for my food. I told him I wanted his info just in case. He said pull into one of the parking spaces and that he would come after he got his food. He came and I told him I wanted his info he went on and was all like where did I hit you there’s no damages and I said I just want your info in case anything happens. He took off without giving me his info. I called the police and reported it as a hit and run. Police came out did a report and took pictures.

Do you think that was the right thing to do? Should I also report the accident to my insurance just to be on the safe side?

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  1. This sort of thing happened to me -- twice! And yes, after filing the police report, you should also report it to your insurance.

  2. Oh man I’m sorry. I’m just worried about the insurance premiums going up. I think my parents insurance which I’m on has comprehensive accident coverage but still worried.

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  3. If this is the only time it has happened and the guy behind you was at fault, your premiums shouldn't be affected. It depends on the insurance company, I think, but neither time made a difference on mine. Of course, if there's no damage to your car, then calling the insurance company isn't needed.

  4. NO. Do not report it to your insurance company. They are likely to cut of insurance if the damage is bad, or your monthly rates will sky rocket. Never report it to your insurance company unless it is necessary. Never do this with things in your house, car, etc.

    This is also the guys fault, so you can probably sue him in federal court if there are damages.

  5. Going to court would be more expensive than insurance I think and there is quite a few bad scratches from being rear ended

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