English (Shakespeare)

So in King Lear, when Egar first enters he says:
"and, speak of the devil, here he comes, right on cue. I’ve got to play the role and sigh like a poor beggar.—Oh, these eclipses predict such disorder. Fa, sol, la, mi."

Does anyone know why he said this and what the meaning behind it?

asked by S.S
  1. http://nfs.sparknotes.com/lear/

    Go here and find the act and scene you need. The text of the play is in two columns: on the left is the original Shakespearean English; on the right is the conversion into modern-day English.

    It's much easier to read Shakespeare's plays this way!

    posted by Writeacher
  2. What role does Edgar feel he has to play? Why? What does he mean by "like a poor beggar"? Is that what King Lear expects of the people around him, that they grovel like beggars? Is that what Edgar THINKS he must do to stay in the King's favor?

    posted by Reed

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