Nuclear Physics

I'm interested in studying Nuclear Physics at the university and would llike to know about the career opportunities avilable for a Bachelor's degree holder.I tried googling and found several but would like to get advising from a tutor who have experience in the field.
Thank you!

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  1. A physics tutor may respond in a while. Here are some ideas that may be of interest.

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  2. Honestly, if you are Planning nuclear Physics only to the bachelor level, I wouldn't recommend it. Go for a bachelors degree in Nuclear Engineering, there are many job fields that will put your foot in the door.
    Bachelor degree in Nuclear Physics is entry level into more advanced degrees.

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  3. Normally in Physics a BSc is in physics, not specifically nuclear physics. I agree with bobpursley. I majored in physics but took a nuclear engineering subject senior year to prepare for nuclear physics. (in fact I ultimately went into Ocean Engineering)

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  4. Thank you very much all of you.

    Actually I'm a lot interested in studying further an also I would also like to know what are career opporutinites that would be avilable if I study further than Bachelor's level?

    Thank you!

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