speed of light

Can the speed of light be legislated? Explain your reasoning.

As best as we know, the speed of light is a fundamental constant of the universe. I have no idea of the meaning "legislated".

Someday they may pass laws and light will have to slow down. After the laws are passed light could get a speeding ticket. Punishable by up to a year in a dark cell in solitary confinement. Or face the prism at point blank range (for second offenders)Perhaps more legislation will be needed to rehabilitate light. Maybe a lighter sentence...Or to get off light... I'm lighting outta here...

Good work.

Nise site!

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  1. please answer the question
    my physics homework is due tomorrow

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  2. The meter is defined as the distance light travels in 1/2.99792458×108 seconds. This definition requires that the speed of light be accurately known. This speed can be measured with high precision and is defined to be exactly 2.99792458×108 meters/second. Thus the speed of light is a legislated quantity.

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  3. NO

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  4. oh poo

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  5. i am stuck on the same question too!

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  6. no idea

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  7. i recently said that light goes as fast as i go because i am the light

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  8. can the speed of light be legislated?
    plz answer this question fast !!!

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  9. The speed if light cannot be legislated/measured period. No matter what google might say.

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