World History

Analyze the motivations behind imperialism.
● Select two of the following regions: Asia, Africa, Muslim World/India, the Americas.

● Identify whether political, social, or economic interests were the main motivation for imperialist nations in each region you selected.

● Use at least two pieces of evidence (examples) to support your assertions for each region.

I would like help on this by creating a sample essay so I may put your response into my own words.

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  1. Nope!

    You write it and someone here may check it over for you, but no one here will write your assignment for you.

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  2. I recommend you read your text materials and "google" imperialism. You will find many ideas that you can synthesize in your own words. Do the research. No one can do it for you.

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  3. @writeacher &Reed:Do not hurt somebody.Try to tell them in a peaceful way.This is my request.

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  4. Elsa, please concentrate on your own work and let tutors handle these kinds of posts.

    This student is asking one of us to help him/her cheat. That is not allowed here.

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  5. Yesterday one of the student hurt me when I post a wrong answer.i don't know it was wrong.I think it was I post it.then I feel so sad.that is why I told you kindly please donot hurt somebody.

    If I had tell you anything wrongly ,sorry for that.

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  6. No tutor here is trying to be mean or hurt anyone's feelings. The object of school is for the student to learn about the world around us. No one can learn without doing the work involved: reading, listening, experience. No one can do it for us. We have to do it ourselves. That's how we learn.

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  7. Ok.fine.I understood.thank you for your advice:)

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  8. OK..all this talkin and no one put what to write...bruhh..

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  9. @Anonymous
    My exact reaction like boi
    Some of us need the help

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  11. Most of the issue of imperialism can be evidenced through the International Trade Industry's relationship with the International Food Industry. Hard and soft spread butter transports differently with elevation changes, import and export taxes, and product consistency.

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  12. this is why no one like reed or writeteacher... They don't be nice...

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  14. sooooo y'all got the answer orrrrr ????

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  16. what in the actual hecc did i just waist 10 minutes of my test on.

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  17. Since this is a test question, maybe ask the teacher for help? No one can be mad if you don't know, but at least let your teacher know you're's the teacher's job to help you, so let him/her (please)

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  18. Asia is economic--after exposure to items on the Silk Road, Europeans wanted direct access instead of going through the Middle East.
    Africa is economic and political--it is economic initially to access humans for slavery in the New World. However the 2nd wave of imperialism was for resources and markets as well as empire building to amass political power in the modern world.
    Muslim World/India is economic--Resources such as cotton, tea, oil, spices, and other commodities made these areas worth grabbing. After World War II, interest in the Middle East will become political as Europe needs allies in the Middle East to combat Soviet advances.
    Americas are economic and social--For Catholic countries building trade and getting access to a marketable commodity or gold was a driving force but also was the conversion of people to Catholicism. For the Dutch it was purely economic as New York became a major trading hub for the New World. For England, it was social for those leaving Europe for religious reasons. The Southern colonies were economic ventures in particular for cash crops like tobacco and cotton.
    this is what i put and i got a 15/16
    hopes this helps anyone out

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  19. you're a lifesaver and an amazing human @kanga :) THANK YOU

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  20. @bbgy i am glad that it helped out. WELCOME :P

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  21. Sorry meant to put @bbyg, phone auto corrected it

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  22. for those who need a better grade in the class, the entire test.
    1 Which of the following statements best describes the motivation behind European imperialism?
    ANSWER: C European leaders felt imperialism would improve their economy.

    2 Which of the following were one military advantage of Western nations in the late 1800s that helped them colonize much of the world?
    ANSWER:B machine guns

    3Which of the following arguments was used to support a claim in favor of direct rule?
    ANSWER: B Britain is well versed in global trade policies and should focus their attention on economic issues only

    4 How did colonization expand markets for European powers?
    ANSWER: B each person in a conquered region is a potential costumer

    5 How was village life affected by western imperial rule?
    ANSWER: D village life declined due to families moving to work on plantations or in factories

    6 Why did European contact with Africa increase in the 1800s?
    ANSWER:B Explorers and missionaries showed that travel into the interior was possible, due to medical advances and steamships

    7 Which of the following statements is a valid generalizations of the impact of imperial rule both Africa and India?
    ANSWER:A missionaries imposed their religious beliefs upon native people

    8 Which of the following would make the best caption for this image supporting the relationship between Africans and Europeans during the age of imperialism?
    ANSWER:B Africans believed they should rule themselves

    9 Colonial powers were particularly interested in mining which resource that was abundant in Africa?
    ANSWER" B diamonds

    i will post the rest separately so i do not get in trouble

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  23. 10 Shaka Zulu led tribes who mostly identified as what?
    ANSWER: A warriors

    11 Which was one immediate affect of the discovery of oil in Persia?
    ANSWER:A Russia and Britain sent troops to protect their interests there

    12 why was the Wahhabi movement in Arabia a threat to the Ottoman Empire?
    ANSWER: D its members rejected Ottoman theology and law because they wanted to return to Muhammad's original teachings

    13 Why did the Ottoman ruler in Egypt lose control of the Suez Canal?
    ANSWER: B he could not repay loans on the canal and so sold shares to Britain

    14 Which of the following caused the Sepoy Rebellion?
    ANSWER: D the British wanted Indian soldiers to use rifle cartridges that were greased with animal fat

    15 The scene depicted in this image is a result of which of the following?
    ANSWER: C the genocide of a million Armenian people

    16 Which of the following thesis statements would be appropriate or an essay on the economic interest of Western powers in China?
    ANSWER: D European countries were interested in finding new markets in which to sell goods

    17 After it defeated China in the Opium War, Britain took control of which of these Chinese island shown in the image?
    ANSWER:D Hong Kong

    18 Which of the following is an example of how Western imperialism led to regional conflicts?
    ANSWER:A boundaries in Africa were drawn without regard to areas of ethnic groups

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  24. 19 how did the opening of the Suez Canal in 1860 impact Western interests in Southeast Asia?
    ANSWER:D it allowed the transport of military weapons to resist Chinese aggression

    20 Korea saw itself as "A shrimp among whales" This statement is a reflection of which of the following?
    ANSWER:B japanese imperialism

    21 How did Sun Yixian differ from the righteous harmonious fists in terms of effort to resist imperialism?
    ANSWER: B unlike the righteous harmonious fists, Sun focused on trade and economics as a way out of imperialists oppression

    22 Which statement best explains Japan's relationship to western imperialism?
    ANSWER:B following the model of Western imperialism, Japan expanded its empire

    23 Which of the following enabled the united states to open trade with japan in the mid-1800s?
    ANSWER:B the US sent a fleet of modern naval warships that intimidated the Japanese

    24 Which of the following could be used as evidence in support of this claim?
    ANSWER:B the ethnic makeup of Australia and new Zealand convinced the British that these colonies were capable of self-government

    25 which of the following most motivated European power to claim Pacific Islands as colonies?
    ANSWER:A the islands were useful ports for merchant and war ships

    26 Identify one major reason for the United States' annexing of Hawaii?
    ANSWER:D pressure from sugar growers

    27 The actions describe in the table were taken by which of the following nations?
    ANSWER: C United States

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  25. 28 How did the rule of dictator General Porfirio Diaz contribute to economic and political instability in Mexico?
    ANSWER: D his policies increased the gap between rih and poor

    29 How was the independence movement in Canada different from those in Latin America?
    ANSWER:A Canadian independence was achieved in a peaceful manner

    30 Which of the following contributed most to the struggles of newly independent Latin American nations?
    ANSWER: B lingering political, social, and economic inequalities

    @kanga answered the essay question so i feel i do not need to.

    Hope this helps your grade :)

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  26. omg thank u @mynamejeff

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  27. no problem. i just got bored so there ya go. XD XP

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  28. are those answers right ^?

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  29. Anon yes i got a 100 on the test. I know that several connections academies have different variations of the test thats why i went to the trouble of typing out the answers fully. i hope it helps and or helped you.

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  30. ehh its a little outdated some of them are wrong but most are right, so just do the essay and you should be fine

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  31. 1- C
    2- B
    3- A
    4- B
    5- D
    6- B
    7- B
    8- B
    9- B
    10- A
    11- A
    12- D
    13- B
    14- D
    15- D
    16- D
    17- A
    18- B
    19- B
    20- A
    21- B
    22- B
    23- C
    24- A
    25- D
    26- D
    27- D
    28- A
    29- A

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  32. U5L7 unit test

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  33. @MUSIC is 100% correct!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUU

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  34. just for those people who get all bothered saying cheating is wrong, some people just want to double check their answers. Thank you @music, you are very helpful.

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  35. Hey GOOD JOB scrolling down. Music Is correct!

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