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Could someone read the passage and please tell me which answer is correct?

Some kids collect coins. I can't keep a quarter without spending it. Some kids collect stuffed animals. Cute, but my room is the size of a closet. Where am I going to put alot of stuffed animals? I have a better idea. I
have a collection that I keep in my desk drawer. And while some collections just sit around, mine comes in very handy.
I collect pencils. That's right- pencils. Short ones, tall ones, red ones, blue ones and of course yellow ones. I have one shoe box full of just different kinds of yellow pencils. So far, I have over 1,000 pencils. If you don't have a lot of money or a lot of space, you might want to start a pencil collection of your own.
Pencils aren't expensive. They don't take up a lot of room. And when someone in your class says, "Hey, anyone got an extra pencil?" well, you'll know what to say!

1. The author wrote this passage mainly to
A. entertain readers with a story about his pencil collection.
B.make readers believe that pencil collections are better than other collections.

I chose B because of the words "better idea" in the first paragraph and because of the last paragraph where he talks about space and money.

I agree with you. Although the story is entertaining, the author's main purpose is to convince the reader about the value of a pencil collection.

My teacher said that my answer was incorrect. Should I question her or just let it go?

I agree with your teacher. The tone of the article is to amuse. Look at the word "cute" and the phrase "that's right". And the whole idea of collecting pencils is funny because -they have a habit of multiplying on their own. Just put one pencil into a jar and before you know it you not only have half a dozen pencils, but also pens, nail files, etc. So, I would not disagree with the teacher on this one.

Thanks, Guru. I was off-base on this one. <g>

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asked by Jessica

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