A chemist wishes to mix a solution that is 4​% acid. She has on hand 66 liters of a 2​% acid solution and wishes to add some 8​% acid solution to obtain the desired 4​% acid solution. How much 8​% acid solution should she​ add?
There is a chart that I have to fill out:
Liters of solution-% acid-liters of pure acid

6 - 0.02 - ?
x - 0.08 - ?
? - 0.04 - ?

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  1. .02*66+.08*Va=.04(Va+66)
    solving for Va
    Va=66(.02)/.04=33 liters
    so your chart should be...
    66 - 0.02 - 1.32
    x - 0.08 - .08x
    66+x - 0.04 -2.64+.04x

    Your x is my Vacid Va
    I am not certain why your teacher is using these charts, most students get lost in you did.

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