Bicycles in the late 1800s looked very different than they do today.
There's a larger tire with a diameter of 60 in and a smaller tire with a radius of 9 in.
How many rotations does each tire make after traveling 600 feet? Round your answers to the nearest whole number.

The smaller tire makes approx. how many rotations?
The larger tire makes approx. how many rotations?

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  1. Forgot to add the answers I came up with:
    Smaller tire: 38
    Larger tire: 127

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  2. My grandfather rode a bike like that.

    C = pi * d

    Larger tire:

    C = 3.14 * 60
    C = 188.4 inches = 15.7 feet

    600 / 15.7 = 38 rotations

    Do the same for the smaller tire. Note that its diameter is 18 inches.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Josh, your numerical answers are correct, except it is the smaller wheel that would have to make 127 rotations to the 38 rotations of the larger wheel.

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  4. eth

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  6. asdffgwbgter

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  7. I do not get this at all. I was in math class today and i cannot figure out the rotations/The proccess to find it.

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  8. its the other way around btw

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  9. You a lot with rotations

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  10. you guys are ugly and fat and and didn't even answer my question

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  11. It wasn't correct

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