11th grade ETHICS

Compare and contrast absolute and relative approaches on culture and morality.


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asked by Zow
  1. Zow, when you type in all-caps, two things happen:

    **it's harder to read, and
    **it's the online equivalent to SHOUTING.

    Please just type in regular mode, not with the Caps Lock feature turned on. Thanks.

    Now ... if you'll post an actual question, someone here will try to help. Keep in mind, though, that no one here will do your assignment for you.


  2. An absolute approach insists that every deed must follow a certain authority, be it religious or custom. A relative approach assumes that there are grey areas and tends to be more pragmatic.

    Consider the abortion question. The absolute approach states that any abortion is morally wrong, even in cases of rape or incest. The relative approach states that although no abortion is good, sometimes it's necessary.

  3. ooo soz didn't know it meant i was shouting and i understand know oe will do it for me its just part of an essay i have to write and i just need some suggestions or inspiration on wha tto write

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    posted by Zow
  4. thank you Ms. Sue but am i mean to relate my answer to both morality and culture because i was going to do somethng like
    cultural relativism is .....
    cultural absoltuism is....
    then do the same for morality

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    posted by Zow
  5. Read these sites for many ideas.






  6. Here is a cultural absolutism I dealt with in Mississippi.

    Some girls of a particular church had to wear dresses on all occasions, and in PE, this caused problems. This is cultural absolutism.
    Taking the cultural relativism, girls would have to wear dresses in schools, but at PE, they can wear shorts and shirts.

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