ples help me with this. i am tkaing journalism and i am writing an article on why we should have a soccer team? its an oppinion article. wat would be some good things or key things to have in it. plse help i have no ideas

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asked by Amy
  1. Interview some of the soccer players and soccer fans. Journalists research their subjects by interviewing and reading facts about their subjects.

  2. First of all, be sure to work on your spelling skills.

    Second, think with a paper that has two columns drawn on it:

    Positive things about soccer team <~~at the top of one column

    Negative things about soccer team <~~at the top of the second column

    Brainstorm whatever you think in each column. Spelling, punctuation, etc., don't matter in brainstorming; just get those ideas written down.

    Once you've done that, please re-post and someone here will help you organize your thoughts.

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