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1.)Marla remembers her tuesday class schedule by using the acronym Mest . Which of the following might be her class schedule?

A.)Math,Social Studies, English,Technology
B.)Math,English, Social Studies,Science, Technology
C.)Math,English,Social Studies,Technology
D.)Math,Social Studies,English,Spanish

2.)John is asked to create an acrostic to help remember the names of the months that have 30 days in the order in which they occur in the year. The months that have 30 days are september, June, November,& April. Which of the following choices satisfies the request?

A.)S A J N
C.)All James Sing Noisily
D.)New Jingles Sound Awesome

3.)Which of the following describes a way of memorizing a poem using a mnemonic device?

A.)Reading every line of poem several times until you have it memorized
B.)Singing the words of the poem to the tune of "Happy Birthday"
C.)Creating a poster that displays the poem
D.)Writing a new poem about the same subject

4.)How can you enhance the appearance of appearance of a poster created in Microsoft Word?

A.)By adding action buttons
B.)By Changing the font size & color
C.)By filtering cells
D.)By adding slide transitions

My Answers

My Mom's Answers

Who's Correct & whats right about each one?

asked by YRN DJ
  1. I think you both need to re-think #1!!
    Social Studies

    2. Your mom is correct. An acrostic is not a song!

    3. Your mom is correct. Make sure you are clear on what "mnemonic device" means.

    4. I disagree with both of you.

    A.)By adding action buttons Posters created with Word would need action buttons ONLY if they will be put on a website -- then it's not a poster, but a webpage.
    B.)By Changing the font size & color Are you clear on the terms "font size" and [font] "color"?
    C.)By filtering cells This is for Excel.
    D.)By adding slide transitions This is for PowerPoint.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Well I Think 1.) is A & 2.)C

    posted by YRN DJ
  3. 1 A is also incorrect. Don't guess anymore about this one. Two wrong guesses is all we'll reply about.

    I already told you that your mom is correct about #2. Did you even read what I wrote??

    posted by Writeacher
  4. soory i ment 4

    posted by YRN DJ
  5. C for #4?

    I told you that C is for use in the spreadsheet program called Excel, not Word. That's your second wrong guess for #4 ... so no more on this one, either.

    posted by Writeacher
  6. 4.)B

    posted by YRN DJ
  7. 1.)C

    I JUST TOOK IT & I GOT AN 100%

    posted by YRN DJ
  8. Congratulations!!

    posted by Writeacher
  9. Thank You

    posted by YRN DJ
  10. Thank you YRN DJ! I was unsure of my answers and by comparing them to yours I got them all right! L)

    posted by Lucia Vendales
  11. they all right thanks yrn dj

    posted by smart one : )
  12. 1.C

    posted by Dude
  13. Tysm guys!!! :D

    posted by Fox Girl
  14. c

    posted by ghnk
  15. Tell you're mom to get smart

    posted by jerk
  16. Shut the **** up!!!

    posted by Ronda q
  17. Well that is just rude now jerk. Keep in mind you are on this site to cheat so really you are not smarter. Although I am not one to talk myself.

    posted by Meme master
  18. Roasted

    posted by Roasted
  19. Took test 100% right is

    posted by Pat
  20. The right answers are as follows...

    1) C
    2) C
    3) B
    4) B

    100% Connexus

    posted by Parrot
  21. “Tell you’re mom” ITS YOUR

    posted by Yay
  22. Totally awesome you guys 100 on test ccbb. Tknks

    posted by Dl
  23. guys if you want to see some real roasts click on my name.

    posted by Star Lord
  24. All users with the answers CCBB are correct! I just took the test!

    posted by LittleNoot

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