My AP English class has to write 250-500 word paper on changes that resulted from 9/11. This is the first paper I will have written for an AP class. Please tell me if this is acceptable in an AP class. Thanks.

September 11th
A Temporary Change

Prior to the destruction of the World Trade Center, America had not faced a large-scale homeland military strike since Pearl Harbor in 1941. The generation that was exposed to Pearl Harbor experienced the realization that America was not invulnerable to foreign attack. However, this feeling was somewhat distant to civilians because America's casualties of the attack on Pearl Harbor were limited to America's military. This brief and limited sense of vulnerability soon vanished from the American mindset. It was restored on September 11th, 2001.

The 2,974 people that lost their lives in the World Trade Center attack were civilians rather than military personnel, giving it a personal touch to America's population. As a result, the cognitive barrier that made American civilians feel invulnerable to foreign nations was shattered. America gained a greater understanding of the hatred directed towards it as well as the measures that would neutralize the threat. Patriotism and camaraderie spread throughout America. Unfortunately, these positive changes were short-lived.

A large percentage of America's population has already forgotten America's vulnerability, as evinced by their willingness to abandon it's mission in the Middle East. Civilians are once again detached from their fears of foreign threats because America has been sheltered by it's military actions. America's sense of camaraderie is now nothing more than associating anyone who looks Middle Eastern with a suicide bomber. America's sense of patriotism was ultimately temporary rage and excitement, exhibited by the lack of universal determination to finish what was started in Middle East now that victory is finally in sight. Unfortunately, the only permanent change that may ultimately result from September 11th is improved airport security.

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asked by Steve
  1. If you're trying to copy and paste, something is going wrong. Try using Ctrl C and Ctrl V. If that doesn't work, you may have to type your paper here.

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  2. Even though this is for AP US History, the ideas are still good for use in writing essays for any AP class:


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