If criminal behavorial pattern in adolescents is not corrected, where might it lead as the adolescent reaches adulthood?

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asked by Mary
  1. We'll be glad to comment on your answer.

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  2. I think that if steps are not taken at an early age to correct behavior problems, then the adolsenct is destined to countuine into a patter of criminal behiours. I think that as the adolesent travels down this path of devient behaviors each act will countine to increase in severeity.

    Am I on the right track?

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    posted by Mary
  3. Yes, definitely. I agree with you.

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  4. After teaching HSchool for several years, I am convinced criminal behaviour seldom starts in teen years, the time to stop it is when the kid is 5 years old. Yes, I know, some folks are just antisocial, or have antisocial psychopathic personalities, but on those, who knows how to correct the behaviour? I know of many who claim to, but the evidence is contrary to my experience with teens.

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  5. I need to find an recent news article about an adolescent offender to I can describe the devlopment of the offender's behavior, and suggest changes to keep the adolescent from becoming an adult offender. I can not find any articels that are recent other that school shootings. Any suggestions????

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    posted by Mary

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