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My stupid teacher says since there is seperation from church and state the president can be sword on diffrent books not including religon.He wants examples of 5 other books that may be used but i can only find people using the bible and for other political offices the karon if i've spelled it right.Can you help name some? If there is any.

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asked by julian
  1. First, your teacher is right, not stupid.

    Secondly, the Christian Bible is made up of two parts -- that we call the Old Testament and the New Testament. Jewish people would only swear on the Old Testament. Muslims would swear on the Qu'ran (or Koran). Hindus might swear on the Rig Veda. Buddhists might swear on the teachings of the Buddha. Zoroastrians might swear on the Avesta. An atheist might choose to swear on the Constitution of the United States. Some people choose to simply affirm their oath, without using any book. And, probably, a person who reveres Shakespeare might swear on a collection of Shakespearean plays.

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