What reason is given for the lack of progress made after the Seneca Falls Convention?

A)The Seneca Falls Declaration was not persuasive enough.

B)The abolition movement consumed all of the nation's attention.

C)Women across the country did not support the reforms being suggested.

D)Women refused to participate in reform movements for fear of punishment.


The participants who drafted the Seneca Falls Declaration probably modeled it after the Declaration of Independence because

A)they could think of no other way to structure their thoughts.

B)that would make other countries interested in their reform agenda.

C)it was recognized as a persuasive statement of rights and grievances.

D)women would be able to memorize it as easily as they had the Declaration of Independence.


According to the passage, what is the relationship between the movement for women's rights and the abolition of slavery?

A)Women were not allowed to attend any meetings where the issue of slavery was to be discussed.

B)The abolition of slavery became more important to most of the women than the issue of their rights.

C)Only a few women became involved with both of these concerns because they were too committed to their housework.

D)The movement for women's rights received less attention at the time because many people were more interested and involved in the slavery issue.


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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=seneca+falls+convention

    Read lots, and let us know if you are correct or not.

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  2. I think you're right on 2 and 3. But if 3 is D, then what's the answer to question 1?

    It's very true that the Abolition movement was paramount in the 1850s, but the fact remains that women did not have the political power to achieve the goals stated at Seneca Falls. Men thought, by and large, that women should not have political power, and they held all the offices and could vote. So I'm not sure that these questions really address the issue, but your best answers are what counts!

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  3. DO read the link Writeacher posted!

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  4. i read it i think i have it now thanks

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  5. You're welcome, jimm.

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