educational technology

3. adding transitions to slides in a presentation
A. offers effects when moving from one slide to the next.*****
B. adds animation to selected text and images.
C. adds a new slide to a presentation in microsoft powerpoint.
D. creates sound effects connected to an image.
4. When viewing a presentation, words on slides may appear to fly in and out or dissolve. What makes text in a presentation do this?
A. Addition of text animations
B. the addition of slide transitions*****
C. the addition of action buttons
D. the additon of clip art

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  1. 3 is correct.

    4 is incorrect.

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  2. Its A

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  3. Number 4 for further reference is A

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  4. both are A

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  5. how u no anonymous

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  6. both 3 &4 and a

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  7. Answers are
    1. B
    2. D
    3. A
    4. A

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  8. New is 100% correct
    Trust him

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  9. new is 100 right :)

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  10. The correct answers are
    TRUST ME ON THIS!!!!!!

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