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An example of dramatic irony in The Diary of Anne Frank,Act I is when
A. Peter easily removes his Star of David but Anne has difficulty removing it because it is a symbol of her Jewish heritage.
B. Anne states she will go to Paris or be a famous dancer and the audience knows she will not get a chance to do these things.
C.Mr. Dussel says he gets along well with children but seems to be in constant conflict with Anne.
D. Anne has a nightmare and refuses to allow her mother to stay with her.
Is the answer B?

asked by Anonymous
  1. Hi can you please help me with my post, it is LA and it was posted yesterday. It was about what was described literally in the poem given. Please I beg you :(

    posted by Anonymous
  2. I will look for your answer to help :)

    posted by Anonymous
  3. Please make your own post as my question did not get answered.

    posted by Anonymous
  4. I answered your other quedtion, i already made my own posr, but i wanted to make sure. Please help me, i will try to help you :'(

    posted by Anonymous
  5. B is correct, yes.

    You will need to re-post your other question.

    posted by Writeacher
  6. This was my question you answered somebody else posted the other question and used anoymous too. Thank you write teacher for helping me.

    posted by Anonymous
  7. You're welcome.

    You'd find everything less confusing if you use a real screen name here. Your first name is best.

    posted by Writeacher
  8. Yes, dramatic irony is when a reader or audience knows something a character does not, but Anne does not know she will be going to a camp, but the reader does from the beginning.

    posted by Isaac Muzzl
  9. The answers are C D C B C

    posted by Anonamyous
  10. C

    posted by Anonymous
  11. Anonymous is right

    posted by Anonymous
  12. ^^^^^^^ 100% Right

    posted by Sarah
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  16. what is the irony for anne frank and the foreshadow for The diary of anne frank?

    posted by anne frank

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