social studies. NEED HELP ASAP

How does Islam most affect women in public life in Arabia?

A. by keeping them from work

B. by barring them from the vote ***

C. by restricting their appearance

D. by outlawing interaction with all men

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    They can vote this year in local elections.

  2. So Is it C then? I honestly think its between C and B

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  3. As Bobpursley pointed out, women are beginning to get the right to vote. C is the answer.

  4. It's restricting their appearance. Thy wear hijabs, and long silk clothing. This is the only one that makes sense. If you read your book, it tells you about women who have jobs. They even gave an example of a woman who is nurse. Also, what Ms. Sue said. They have the right to vote. Finally, they have interaction with men in their families, so that's not all men... Hope this helps. =)

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  5. C should be right.

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  6. thx

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  7. Chill yall the answer is C

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