Critique Reasoning Alex decides that 21 divided by 3 = 7 is NOT a true equation. Is Alex correct? Explain

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  1. He's not correct.

    21/3 = 7

  2. 私はそれが何もな
    ¡Creo que no es NADA!
    আমি এটা কিছুই মনে করি!
    Ek dink dit is niks nie!
    Mislim da to NISAM!

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  3. 私はアレックスが間違っていると思います。なぜなら、アレックスは間違っています。

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  4. I think Alex is wrong because when I did the math, it equaled to 7 and Alex got 7 too and I thought if she got it right then I am correct so Alex is wrong because 7 was the real answer.

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  5. His correct,because 21÷3=7 is 7 and 7×3=21 and that why hes correct.

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