Sociology Multiple choice

Can anyone help me with these questions as I am stuck in these

1. The finding that the number of women reporting physical assaults by their husbands goes up on Super Bowl Sunday may lead to the erroneous conclusion that watching the Super Bowl causes husbands to be violent. This correlation is an example of a ____ correlation.

a. Positive
b. negative
c. Inverse
d. spurious

2. In the statement, "Diet determines one's life expectancy," diet is the:

a. dependent variable
b. independent variable
c. intervening variable
d. control variable

3. Which of the following is(are) true of culture?

a. culture would be significant whether people held it in common or not
b. despite the cultural diversity that exists in American society, there are symbols, language patterns, belief systems, and ways of thinking that are distinctively American and form a common culture
c. cultural beliefs and practices are as much the result of nature as nurture
d. all of the above

4. Cultural taste and participation is socially structured to the extent that:

a. participation in the elite forms of culture is expensive
b. familiarity with different cultural forms stems from patterns of historical exclusion
c. historical exclusion has prevented integration into networks that provide information about the arts
d. all of the above are true regarding the social structure's impact on cultural taste and participation

5. Which of the following is true about social institutions?

a. institutions and social groups are alike to the extent that both can be directly observed
b. social institutions tend to be short lived and as a rule cannot persist through time
c. social institutions are complex structures that exist for a rather explicit purpose
d. their abstract nature prevents social institutions from impacting on the behavior of people and groups

6. Which of the following dimensions of information does correlation analysis not deliver?

a. the direction of the relationship
b. the strength of the relationship
c. cause and effect
d. correlation analysis provides all of the above

7. Controlled experiments are highly focused ways of collecting data that:

a. include external influences in the data-gathering process
b. provide mainly qualitative information
c. establish cause and effect
d. is free of serendipitous findings

8. A built-in weakness to participant observation as a research technique is that:

a. it is very time-consuming
b. once they leave, the researcher often must call data from vast amounts of their notes
c. such studies usually focus on fairly small groups, thus care must be taken not to generalize too widely
d. All of the above are built-in weaknesses of participant observation research

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  1. I am sorry
    a. Positive b. negative c. Inverse. d. spurious

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  2. You should look up each word:

    What do you think??

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    Look at #22 and any others that seem close.

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  4. is it C

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  5. If it's C, then you're saying that the opposite of the statement is true -- are you sure?

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  6. No its not opposite its true so it should be positive then

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  7. Your question states that it's an "erroneous" conclusion -- so the statement is not true.

    Read carefully -- the question AND the definitions of those choices.

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  8. Well its an error conclusion so its false that mean its spurious..


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  9. Exactly!!

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  10. For question number 2. The answer is D right?

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  11. what is the answer for number 6

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  12. 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 a 5 a 6 b 7 c 8 d

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  13. 5a

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  14. adssada

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