A bag contains three black balls, four white balls and five red balls. Three balls are removed without replacement. What is the probability of obtaining
a one of each colour
b at least two red balls ?

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  1. A comittee consist of 6 men and 4 women. A subcomittee is made by randomly choosing three of the comittee members. What is the probability that
    a they are all women
    b two of them are men?

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  2. 10 balls at start

    1 prob black, white, red
    = 3/10 * 4/9 * 5/8

    2 prob black, red, white
    = 3/10 * 5/9 * 4/8 same as above

    3 prob white, black, red
    = 4/10 * 3/9 * 5/8 same again

    4 prob white, red , black

    5 prob red , white, black

    6 prob red, black, white

    6 * 3/10 * 4/9 * 5/8

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  3. Try the rest now.

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