2)3/14 of the rosebuds in a garden bloomed yesterday, and 2/5 of the remaining rosebuds bloomed today. 66 rosebuds have not yet bloomed.

1. How many rosebuds were there in total?

2.How many rosebuds bloomed today?

plz help, i don't kno y but i forgot how to do these problems

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  1. Let R be the total rosebuds.
    Rosebuds bloomed= rosebouds-notbloomed
    3/14 * R+ 2/5(11/14)R = R-66

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  2. Let N be the total number of rosebuds in the beginning. Turn the word statement into an equation.

    (3/14) N + (2/5)(11/14)N + 66 = N

    Now solve for N
    (15/70 + 22/70)N + 66 = N
    (33/70)N = 66
    N = 140

    Today, 22/70 of that number bloomed.

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  3. thx it helped a lot

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