Language arts Plzz help

14. Identify the aspect of style used in the excerpt below.

“Here in the United States, it was worse. She spoke slowly and with a thick accent. Ming sighed and packed up her books. She had a free period next, so she might as well get the interview part completed.”

A. word choice
B. use of imagery
C. use of musical language
D. unusual punctuation and formatting

I don't understand this question?

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asked by Mstv
  1. A word choice I think

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    posted by Yaz
  2. Thank You!

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    posted by Mstv
  3. You're welcome :)

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    posted by Yaz
  4. Well, D is out, but who is to tell if someone hears musical language in this? Who is to tell if imagery is being developed? Word choice is involved in everything we write, so why would word choice be a better answer than B or C?

  5. I saw the same question get answered, and the person said they got is right using the option word choice.

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    posted by Yaz
  6. So ... you're helping someone else cheat? No thinking required?

  7. I just answered her question...... Didn't think I would be condemned.....

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    posted by Yaz
  8. I don't expect anyone to just give me an answer, but when someone does I do go oer it myself and I ask my sister as well if im really unsure of it.

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    posted by Mstv

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