Poem. DayBreak

Q.1 Who does the wind address to?
Q2. "The night is gone,"What does the. world 'night' refer to ?
Q3. What does the poem describe?
Q4. "Not yet! In quiet-lie".What is the meaning of this line?
Q5. What does the title of the poem symbolise?

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  1. Is the poem?


    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    A wind came up out of the sea,
    And said, "O mists, make room for me."

    It hailed the ships and cried, "Sail on,
    Ye mariners, the night is gone."

    And hurried landward far away,
    Crying "Awake! it is the day."

    It said unto the forest, "Shout!
    Hang all your leafy banners out!"

    It touched the wood-bird's folded wing,
    And said, "O bird, awake and sing."

    And o'er the farms, "O chanticleer,
    Your clarion blow; the day is near."

    It whispered to the fields of corn,
    "Bow down, and hail the coming morn."

    It shouted through the belfry-tower,
    "Awake, O bell! proclaim the hour."

    It crossed the churchyard with a sigh,
    And said, "Not yet! In quiet lie."

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1.wind adress to the arrival of day
    2.night refers to the past time
    3.the poem describe the coming of the day with lots of amusements
    4.this line refers that the sunlight has not yet cross the churchyard.
    5.title of poem symbolise the different characteristics of the day arrival.

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  3. Henry wandsworth longfllow

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  4. How does the mood and tone of the poem change at the end

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  5. Thanks to the person whosoever has posted this poem...this is very beneficial to me....

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  6. the same question came in our exam thank you!

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  7. Wind

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  8. How did the wind travel across the sea

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  9. I have a question.. What is the meaning of phrase not yet ! In quite lie .??

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  10. What is the meaning of not yet! In quite lie?
    Mean -hope i also make you live

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  11. 1.the wind addresses to the arrival of the day
    2.the night refers to the past spent time
    3.the poem describes a joyful wind awakenes the world to a new promising and beautiful day

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  12. Whome dose the wind address frist in the poem daybreak

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  13. To the mariners

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  14. Good

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  15. Q4. "Not yet! In quiet-lie".What is the meaning of this line?
    Ans- this line means that it’s not time for you to rise from the dead and lie in your grave till your time has come to rise.

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  16. The wind addresses to the land and terrestrial animals birds and all things living to wake up .
    The wind is saying that “ the night has gone and wake up to the light of the sun and a new day “ .
    The poem describes the wind trying to make the beings appreciate the morning, the sun , the trees that bloom and flowers that blossom and to enjoys the morning .
    This means that you should awaken to see the sun before so you don’t miss it .
    The morning and the day has started . It tells a bit about the poem that tells that the day has arisen to the will of the new day with the sun .

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