Medical ethics

What should I expect from this course. The title pretty much explains it but I would like some more detailed information please

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asked by Brandy
  1. I would expect a broad overview of what is right and wrong as applied to medicine. You might get a large dose of what is legal or not legal, which is less important, but often small minds confuse that with right and wrong. I would also expect some learning about how to approach decision making in difficult circumstances with conflicting ideas. You might get a dose of historical conflicts in medicine, especially on experimentation on patients (remember Andreas Vesalius?).

    That is what I would expect, but honestly, folks now offer courses that often drift from the great issues, and focus on the mundane of norms, rules, laws: So I think I would ask for a course syllabus, surely someone has written one. But there is no real guarantee the person teaching will stick to the prescribed syllabus.

    It could be a very fun course, and enlighting. But my opinion is not a guarantee. Good luck.

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