You need to determine the concentration of a sulfuric acid solution by titration with a standard sodium hydroxide solution. You have a 0.1896 M standard solution. You take a 25.00 mL sample of the original acid solution and dilute it to 250.0 mL. You then take a 10.00 mL sample of the dilute acid solution and titrate it with the standard solution. You need 11.09 mL of the standard solution to reach the endpoint. What is the concentration of the original acid solution?

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  1. H2SO4 + 2NaOH ==> 2H2O + Na2SO4
    mols NaOH = M x L = 0.1896 x 0.01109 = ?
    mols H2SO4 = mols NaOH/2
    M H2SO4 = mols H2SO4/L H2SO4. You have mols H2SO4, L H2SO4 = 10 mL(0.010L), solve for M H2SO4. That's the (H2SO4) in the 10 mL. That solution came from 1:10 dilution so the concn of the original is 10x that of the dilute solution.

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