Language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

please check answers for my language arts.

1.which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

A.i watched a movie with jane.(I PICK THIS)

B.sasha,have you met tim?

C.i thought you were going to be here at 6:00 celia.

2.which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

A. At the farmer's market we bought tomatoes peppers,eggplant,and onions. the farmer's market we bought tomatoes,peppers,eggplant,and onions.(I PICK B.)

C. at the farmer's market we bought tomatoes,peppers,eggplant,and onions.

3.which is the prefix in the word unbelievable?

A.un(I PICK A)


4.which of the following happens first in priscilla in the wimps?

A.priscilla says she doesnt know monk klutter.

B.A kobra grabs melvin by the neck.

C.the narrator describes monk klutter.(I PICK THIS)

5.which of the following is rising action in priscilla in the vamps?

A.priscilla puts monk klutter in a headlock.(I PICK THIS)

B.the crowd leaves priscilla's locker.

C.the kobra goes to get monk klutter.

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  1. All of these sentences need appropriate capitalization -- so in that sense all are wrong.

    1. Both A and B are right.

    2. Both B and C are right.

    3. Right.

    4 and 5. I don't know.

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    Ms. Sue

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