What percent of the volume of a 10×10×10 box can be filled with 4×4×4 wooden cubes? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.
  2. math
    Let F1 = (0,2), F2 = (0,-2), and P = (x,y). Use the distance formula to convert the equation PF1 + PF2 = 6 into Cartesian form. Simplify your answer until it reaches the form hx^2+ky^2=m. I tried solving this but I got stuck with all the square roots and simplifying.
  3. Math
  4. math
    An instrument shows the number of revolutions per minute made by each tire of a car. In each revolution, the car travels a distance equal to the circumference of one of its tires. The circumference of each tire is equal to 2πr, where r is the radius of the tire. If the radius...
  5. math
    Find my average science test score is : 89,90,95,72,83,100,94
  6. math, English, geography, chemistry, physics, economics, l
    the number 1 to 20 are written on pieces of paper and put in the box. if a piece of paper is picked at random, what is the probability of picking a paper with: an odd number, a prime number, a multiple of 3 and a square number
  7. math, English, geography, chemistry, physics, economics,
    the number 1 to 20 are written on pieces of paper and put in the box. if a piece of paper is picked at random, what is the probability of picking a paper with: an odd number, a prime number, a multiple of 3 and a square numbe
  8. math
    Your current cell phone company charges $30 per month for unlimited texting. Another company charges $20 per month for the first 500 texts plus 5 cents each for any additional text. Should you keep your current current service or switch to the other?
  9. Math
    If each edge of a cube is increased by 2 inches, the A. volume is increased by 8 cubic inches B. area of each face is increased by 4 square inches C. diagonal of each face is increased by 2 inches D. sum of the edges is increased by 24 inches is the answer C ?
  10. Math
    A square has the same area as a rectangle whose longer side is 2 times the length of its shorter side. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 24, what is the perimeter of the square? A. 8 sqrt 2 B. 16 sq
  11. math
    the perimeter of a rectangle with adjacent side lengths of x and y, where x>y, is 8 times as great as the shorter side to the rectangle. what is the ratio of y to x? a. 1:2 b. 1:3 c. 1:4 d. 2:3 is b the answer?
  12. Math
    I'm looking for a example for 1 to 2 ratio sentence
  13. Math
    A recatangular pen is to be made with 120 feet fencing. The pen is divided into 4 equal parts. And an existing property fence will be used for one long side. 1) If x represents the width of the fence express its area A(x) in terms of x 2) Determine the dimensions of the ...
  14. math
    you are creating identical goodie bags for your birthday party using 18 soccer balls and 30 footballs. What is the greatest number of bags you can fill using all the candy?
  15. Math
    How do you explain the meaning of 0?
  16. math
    How do you find the value of m in the equation y=k+asin(mx)?
  17. Math
    A lighthouse flashes its light every 12 minutes. Another lighthouse every 18 minutes. If the two lighthouses flash together at 12:00 noon,at what time will they next flash together?
  18. math
    #Please people help me the solution of this question# Ali was born 29th February 1980. How many birthdays he celebrated until 2003?
  19. math
    #please people help me the solution of this question# How many degrees does a minute and clock turns through between noon and 1320 hours of the same day?
  20. Math
    A quart is approximately sixty cubic inches. A cubic feet of water weighs approximately sixty pounds. Therefore, a quart of water weighs approximately A. 2 lbs B. 3 lbs C. 4 lbs D. 5 lbs
  21. Math
    if n houses have k windows, write an expression to represent the number of windows for n + 1 houses n+ 1 = 4+4k
  22. Math
    Using the binomial theorem, Find the first three terms in the expansion of (x^2+2y^3)^20
  23. Math
    Solve: dA/dt = -10A, A(0) = 5 ------------------ I tried getting A by itself: A = -1/10 * dA/dt A(0) = 5 = -1/10 * dA/dt but I'm somewhat sure that's wrong; so integrating I get: int(dA/dt) = int(-10A) A = -5A^2 which doesn't make sense to me intuitively since the same ...
  24. Math
    if the hands on a round clock moved counter clockwise, to what number would the minute hand point 20 minutes before the hour hand pointed to 3? a. 4 b. 7 c. 8 d. 11 is 8 the correct answer?
  25. Math
    If the days of the year were numbered backward using consecutive numbers (so that December 31 is day number 1), in what month would day number 123 occur? A. August B. July C. March D. September I got September but I’m not sure if that’s the correct answer
  26. Math
    Each wheel on Harley's bike has a radius of 60 cm. How many revolutions does each bike make when Harley bikes 500 cm? A. 500/120pi B. 1000/120pi C. 50000/120pi D. 100000/120pi
  27. Math
    Find rhe first term of the ff: S sub 10= -20 d=4 S sub 15=-195 d=3 S sub 12= 378 d= 9
  28. Math
    In a survey, 20 people were asked how much they spent on their child's last birthday gift. The results were roughly bell-shaped with a mean of $30 and standard deviation of $2. Find the margin of error for a 99% confidence level.
  29. math
    #please people help me the solution of this question# Change 7380 seconds into hours and minutes.
  30. math
    At the beginning of the year, 40% of the students in the Art Club were boys. In the middle of the year, 25% of the girls left but 8 more boys joined the Art Club. The number of members became 42. Find the total number of Art Club members at the beginning of the year.
  31. Math
    Mass of earth is 5.97 x 10 kg and it's mean radius is 6.371 what's is value of g at earth surface
  32. math
    #please people help me the solution of this question# Change 7380 seconds into hours and minutes.
  33. MATH
    Find the number of terms in the aritmetic progession 2,-9,-20,-141
  34. Math
    Find the number of terms in the aritmetic progession 2,-9,-20,141
  35. math
    A man travels 12km towards west then 3 km towards south and then 8 km towards east. How far is he from the Start?
  36. math
    the largest odd factor of 6^8 * 10^6 is A (6^8 * 10^6)/2 B 3^4 * 5^3 C 15^6 D 3^8 * 5^6
  37. Math
    The largest circular shape my piece of string can form has a diameter of 8 cm long. How long is the diameter of the largest circular shape that half my piece of string can form? A. 4/pi cm B. 8/pi cm C. 2 cm D. 4 cm Is D the answer ?
  38. math
    What is the value of 3/4*7/8*15/16 rounded to the nearest 0.25? A. 0.25 B. 0.50 C. 0.75 D. 1.00 When I multiplied it out, I got 0.61523.., so the answer would be B, right?
  39. Math
    to celebrate the first day of a leap year, i taught my dog to jump through a hoop. it was a sunday. when he taught me the same trick the first day of the next year, it was a ? a. sunday b. monday c. tuesday d. wednesday is tuesday the correct answer?
  40. Math
    In a Sing Thing, the first 4 singers sang Song 1, the next 4 sang Song 2, and so forth. Singer number 73 sang Song ? A. 18 B. 19 C. 20 D. 73 I got B, is that correct?
  41. Math
    Odds of (7/10)
  42. Math
    Round 5762 to the nearest thousand
  43. math
    The sum of 16 and Janelle's age is 53
  44. math
    of the following, which is the closest to 0.62? A. 6/10 B. 7/11 C. 10/17 D. 11/18 is D the correct answer?
  45. Math
    Darisa is 10 years older than Adahun. 10 years from now, Darisa would be twice as old as Adahun was 10 years ago. How old would be after 12 years?
  46. math
    The difference between the age of two cousins is 10 years.15 years ago,if the elder one was twice as old as the younger one,fund their present age
  47. MATH
    DF(X)/X 25X^2+Y
  48. Math
    A grocer sells apples for $1.35 each, pears for $1.45 each, and oranges for $1.60 each. She also offers a discount of 70c for anyone who buys two pieces of fruit, and a discount of $1.60 for anyone who buys three pieces of fruit. One day she sells 50 pieces of each type of ...
  49. math
    a photographer inside a helicopter which is descending vertically at 15m/s at an altitude of 55 meters accidentally dropped his camera. how long will it take the camera to reach the ground.
  50. math urgent
    Billy chooses three dfferent non-zero digits and makes six different 3-digit numbers with no digit repeated in any number. He notices that one of the 3-digit nubers N say is the aerage of the other five. Find all possible values of N.
  51. Math
    The price of 5 citrons and 9 fragrant wood apples is 76 units the price of 9 citrons and 5 fragrant wood apples is 92 units find the price of a Citron and the price of a wood Apple
  52. MATH
    IF A PERSON SCORE 16% HIGHER Than population what is standard deviation?
  53. Math
    A girl has 98 beads,and all but 14 were lost. How many beads did she loose?
  54. math
    A rectangular picture 6cm by 8cm is enclosed by a frame (0.5) wide. calculate the area of the frame.
  55. MATH
    a cuboid has a diagonal of lenght 9cm and a square base of side 4cm. what is its height
  56. math
    A grocer sells apples for $1.35 each, pears for $1.45 each and oranges for $1.60 each. She also offers a discount of 70 c for anyone who buys two pieces of fruit and a discount of $1.60 for anyone who buys 3 pieces of fruit. On day she sells 50 pieces of each type of fruit, ...
  57. Math
    Evaluate log base10 raised to the power of 350+log base10 raised to the power of 105-log base10 raise to the power of 84
  58. Math
    Evaluate log base10 raise to the power of 350+log base10 raise to the power of 105-log base10 raise to the power of 84
  59. Math
    The fourth term of an AP is 11 and the eighth term exceeds twice the fourth term by 5. Find the AP and the sum of first 20 terms
  60. math
    A cable of 80m is hanging from the top of two poles that are both 50m from the ground. What is the distance between the two poles, to one d.p., if the center of the cable is: a) 20m above the ground b) 10m above the ground Answers to the questions are: a) 45.54m b) (somewhat a...
  61. MATH
    It takes Riaz 30 minutes to mark a paper, Razi only takes 25 minutes to mark a paper, if they both start marking a paper at 11:00 AM, what is the first time they will finish marking a paper at same time?
  62. math
    you are creating identical candy bags using 18 chocolate bars and 30 peanut butter cups. What is the greatest number of bags you can fill using all the candy?
  63. math
    From a fire tower, A, a fire is spotted on a bearing of N42°E. From a second tower, B, the fire is on a bearing of N12°W. The two fire towers are 23 km apart, and A is N63°W of B. How far is the fire from each tower? Just need help interpreting the diagram from the question...
  64. math
    Let theta be an angle in quadrant IV such that sin(theta)=-(2)/(5). Find the exact values of sec(theta) and tan(theta).
  65. Math
    You invest $5500 into a 4.5% an year CD. If interest is compounded continuously, how much money will you have after 5 years?
  66. Math
    An adult takes 400 mg of ibuprofen. Every two hours, the amount of ibuprofen in the person's system decreases by 29%. How much will be left after 10 hours?
  67. Math
    Mr. and Mrs. Boyce bought a house for $96,000 in 1995. Real estate values in their area increase approximately 4% each year. What was the value of the house in 2007?
  68. Math
    How much money will you have at the end of 5 years if you invest $5000 at 8% annual interest compounded quarterly?
  69. Math
    Factorise x^2-xy_2y^2
  70. Math
    Given that yt^3=5-2t^3.make t the subject of the formula
  71. Math
    In a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD. Twice angle BAD=three times DCB Calcalculate angle BAD
  72. Math
    In the adult-school classes held several nights per week, 1/2 of the adults enrolled fall into the 41-60 age group, 1/3 of the remainder are over 60, 14 are in the 30-40 age group, and 12 are under 30. How many adults are enrolled in the school? I did 1/2x + 1/6x + 14 + 12 = x...
  73. Math
    A plane left Atlanta at 11:30 AM and flew to an airport near Boston. The plane was due to arrive at 3:15 PM. The plane arrived 25 minutes late. The time of the trip was: Is the answer 4 hours and 10 minutes?
  74. math
    the longest straight line that can be drawn to connect two point on the circumference of a circle whose radius is 9 inches is A. 9 inches B. 18 inches C. 28.2743 D. 4.5 inches is the correct answer b?
  75. Math
    A person 6 feet tall walks around the earth. How many feet farther does the top of this person's head travel than the bottom of his feet? Express your answer in terms of Pi.
  76. Math - integers
    If [a] represents the greatest internet less than or equal to a, what is the value [pi] + [-pi]?
  77. Math
    The happy home realty cpmpany sold the parkers home for 178400. The commission rate was 6 1/4%. How much did the parkers receive from the sale of their home?
  78. Math
    Liz deposited $1,200 in a savings account that paid 5 1/2% annually. How mucg would Liz have in her account after 1 year?
  79. Math
    Table: {y -4 31 4 68 12 } x -2 3 0 4 2 Which of the following equations satisfies the five sets of numbers shown in the above table? A. y = x^3 + 4 B. y = 2x^2 = 7 C. y = 2x D. y = 3x + 1 E. y = 6x
  80. Math
    Two fireworks are set off simultaneously but from different altitudes. The height y in feet of one is represented by y=-16t^2+120t+10, where t is the time in seconds. The height of the other is represented by y=-16t2+60x+310. After how many seconds are the fireworks at the ...
  81. math
    A number is chosen from the first 24 positive integers. Find the probability that: a) the number is divisible by 3 given that it is divisible by 4 b) the number is divisible by 6 given that it is divisible by 3 Just need help with either one, thank you for your time.
  82. MATH
    How does (1/2)∫[-π/2,π/2(16+9sin^2(θ))dθ become (1/2)*2∫[0,π/2(16+9(1/2)(1-cos(2θ)))​dθ? Where does the 1/2 between +9 and 1-cos(2θ come from and how does sin^2(θ) become cos(2θ) instead of cos^2(θ)?
  83. Math
    If x^4 - y^4 = -15 and x^2 - y^2 = -3, what is the value of x^2 + y^2?
  84. MATH
    You have a credit card that has a balance of $3,589.90 and a credit limit of $5,000. If you have a good credit rating OF 5.90%, how much must you pay at the end of the month to get the balance to the acceptable debt ratio percentage?
  85. Math
    A man borrowed RM 5000 from a bank on 1 january 2006. On the last day each month, compound interest at the rate of 1.2% per month on the amount he owned is added. The man repays the debt in 24 equal installments made on the first day of each month the first installment being ...
  86. Sat Math
    0.2B + 0.1S = C Rhia is using the above equation to investigate the carbon footprint, C, in kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, for her morning commute which S miles are by subway and B miles are by bus. How many kilograms of (CO2) per mile does the bus portion ...
  87. Sat Math
    Gary learned that the value of his car depreciates by 15% per year. Which of the following functions best describes the value of his car the year after the car is worth m dollars? A. f(m) = 0.15m B. f(m) = 0.85m C. f(m) = 1 - 0.15m D. f(m) = 1 - 0.85m
  88. Sat Math
    The bottom of a ski slope is 6,500 feet above sea level, the top of the slope is 11,000 feet above sea level, and the slope drops 5 feet vertically for every 12 feet traveled in the horizontal direction. From the top of the slope, Kayla skis at an average speed of 30 miles per...
  89. MATH
    An automobile travel 3 miles due north then 5 miles due north of reset
  90. Math
    The first term and last term of an arithmetic progression are -4 and 145 respectively. If the common difference is 4. (a) find the 12th term (b) find the 25th term.
  91. Math
    The first term and last term of an arithmetic progression are -3 and 145 respectively .if the common difference is 4.(a) find the 12th term (b) find the 25th term.
  92. Math
    The dome over the town hall has a parabolic shape. I measure 48 m across and rises 12 m at its center. Determine the quadratic equation that models the shape of the parabola. I have learned the formula y = a(x-s)(x-t).
  93. math
    A garage door is 15 feet wide and 6 feet high. It is painted white, except for a rectangular panel 1 foot high an 9 feet wide that is brown. How much of the gatage door is white?
  94. Math
    In a game, 5 points are awarded for each game and 2 points are deducted for each game lost,Kyler attempted 15 games,if he got 68 points,how many gamesvdid he lose?
  95. MATH (DUN DUN DUN!!!!)
    Carter left Town A at noon, driving toward Town B at an average speed of 50 mph. At 12:30 P.M., Max headed from Town B to Town A along the same road. At 3 P.M., they met each other along the way, and Carter realized that he had completed 60% of his journey. A:How far was Town ...
  96. Math
    Find the loss percentage if Banrap incurred a loss of RS. 310 when he sold cosmetic for RS. 1550. (In book answer is given as 25%.)
  97. Math
    John is eight year older than his sister.In three years,he will be as twice as she will be then. How old are they both now?
  98. Math
    20m square of wallpaper cost $36. A)Calculate the cost of 55m square of the same wallpaper. b)What area of this wallpaper can you buy for $75.60?
  99. math
    Between 1:2:3 and 3:4:5 which is greater?
  100. Sat Math
    If x is a positive integer and l2x+6l > 10, what is the least possible value of x? NOTE: l2x+6l means absolute value of 2x+6
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