High School

  1. physical science
    Look at the graph below measuring the speed of a truck and answer the following 2 questions: a) If the graph represents speed, what is measured on the x and y axes? You need to specifically identify which axis is which. b) Based on what the y axis measures, explain the motion ...
  2. English
    Write a letter to your friend in another school describing at least three thing that you like and dislike
  3. Maths
    The dimension of a closed box are 30cm by 20cm by 10cm high. If the thickness of all six panels is 1 cm find its volume.
  4. Physics
    A girl runs up a stairway that is 6m high with a 500g book, her mass is 70kg. Take g=10m/s2 calculate (a) weight of the book (b) weight of the girl (c) the total work done by the girl when she reaches the top
  5. physics
    A typical car under hard braking loses speed at a rate of about 6 m/s2. The typical reaction time to engage the brakes is 0.50 s. A local school board sets the speed limit in a school zone such that all cars should be able to stop in 5.0 m. What maximum speed does this imply ...
  6. Math, Data Management
    A President and Vice- President for a school council are chosen from a hat with the names of all 12 members in the hat. Determine the probability that Nisha and Anne are chosen as President and Vice- President respectively. Answer Provided: 1/132.
  7. Math
    Six groups of students sell 162balloons at the school carnival there are three students in each group if student sells the same number of balloons how many balloons does each to student sell
  8. Physics
    A boy kicks a rock off a cliff with a speed of 15.5m/s at an angle of 53.5° above the horizontal. The rock hits the ground 5.37s after it was kicked. How high is the cliff? I found the height of the cliff which is 7.45*10^1 m. What is the speed of the rock right before it ...
  9. English
    .) Read the following sentences from "The Pin". "That all changed when my family moved. My new school is three times bigger than my old school. At first, no one here knew me. The kids were polite, but they did not treat me like a good friend. For a few days, I felt sad and ...
  10. chemistry
    a pipet can be calibrated. we expected the volume to be 25.00ml, but the actual volume was significantly less. if you had measured the density of an unknown with this pipet and assumed that v=25.00ml, your result would not be correct. would it be too high or too low? Explain
  11. des school
    the volume of a cylinder 288picm3 the base radius is 8 cm find its tsa leave the answer in terms of
  12. math
    a school has 720 pupils. one day 36 pupils were absent, what fraction represented those who are present?
  13. Physics
    You want to jump from an 8.2 m high building to a 10 m high building. The gap between the buildings is 2.4 m, and you can run fast enough so that your speed as you leave the edge of the lower building is 7.0 m/s. What range of launch angles will allow you to reach the top of ...
  14. psych
    Identify each of the following consequences either positive reinforcement (PR), negative reinforcement (NR), negative punishment (NP) or positive punishment (PUN). NP 1. A teacher meeting with a parent makes that parent feel less powerful by having her sit on small, ...
  15. algebra
    Three boxes are stacked one on top of the other. One box is 2 feet 8 inches tall, one is 4 feet 7 inches tall, and one is 3 feet 11 inches tall. How high is the stack? Write your answer in feet and inches. Use a number less than 12 for inches. Please explain
  16. Jai bharti public school maths
    A play ground is 120m long and 150m wide how much distance will sam cover if he goes 3 times around it?
  17. physics
    A centrifuge is a device in which a small container of material is rotated at a high speed on a circular path. Such a device is used in medical laboratories, for instance, to cause the more dense red blood cells to settle through the less dense blood serum and collect at the ...
  18. Math
    The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall. What scale would be used to make a model 20 inches high?
  19. Maths
    At the beginning of the 1974/75 school year a man invested 2000 in a bank at 12and half% compound interest if he with 650 at the end of each school fees how much did he have left at beginning of the 1978/79
  20. P.E (Physical Education
    what would be a good way to improve your own health and the health of others within the school community?
  21. math
    2/5 of a school are boys. when 1/5 of the boys are absent 160 boys are present. How many girls are in the school?
  22. math
    At Murky Middle School, 372 students ride the bus to school. If this number is 60% of school enrollment, then how many students are enrolled at the school?
  23. trigonometry
    A pedestrian is an between two tall building, from a point 10 meter high on the first building, the angle of depression of the pedestrian is 20°,10' from the same point, the angle of elevation of the top of the second building is 15°,20'. If the two building are 40 meter ...
  24. algebra
    A ball is dropped from a height of 30 feet and allowed to bounce until it comes to arrest each time the ball bounces it rebounds to 3/5 of its previous high after which bounce is the boss hi 10.8 feet. I understand the height gets shorter but is there a equation to solving ...
  25. physics
    a brick is dropped form the roof of a building. On the way down it passes a 2m high window and is observed to pass from the top to the bottom of the window in 0.25s. (a) How fast was it moving when it passed the top of the window? (b)How far below the roof of the building is ...
  26. Science
    Suppose you find fossils of clams in rock high on a mountain. what can you infer about the mountain?
  27. Math
    A high fountain of water is located at the center of a circular pool as shown in the figure below. Not wishing to get his feet wet, a student walks around the pool and measures its circumference to be 19.0 m. Next, the student stands at the edge of the pool and uses a ...
  28. Grammar
    I am writing a compare and contrast essay between private school and public school can you help me write it
  29. biology
    Scientific Method Project In a 2-page maximum type written paper, complete research on a topic of question from the readings. Utilizing the scientific method, document the application of the steps in determining your hypothesis and findings. Each step is worth up to 20 points...
  30. School
    Who is Jean Kessner?
    If a 71.0 kg , 1.70 m -tall human could jump to the same height compared with his length as the flea jumps compared with its length, how high could he jump, and what takeoff speed would he need?
  32. Study School (Math)
    the sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 9.if 9 is added to the number, then its digits interchange their place. what is the difference in cube of the digits?
  33. English
    Please help me to write a narrative essay about the new boy at school
  34. math
    Jared is scheduled to work for mc008-1.jpg of an hour at the school fair. He has already worked mc008-2.jpg of an hour. How much longer does he have to work?
  35. behavior health
    According to classical test theory, if the observed variance of a test is 50 and the true variance is 40, what is the estimated reliability of the test? a. 0.40 b. 0.50 c. 0.80 d. 0.90 I selected C for my answer 40/50 is the .80 If the correlation between one’s interest in ...
  36. Geology
    What makes the mafic rocks dark in colour? Calcium or iron? I know that mafic rocks contain high amounts of both calcium and iron, but I don't know which one results in the dark colur.
  37. English
    1. He dislikes going to school. 2. He dislikes to go to school. (Are both grammatical? Which one is commonly used?)
  38. physics
    A 3.67-g bullet, traveling at a speed of 484 m/s, strikes the wooden block of a ballistic pendulum, such as that in Figure 7.14. The block has a mass of 186 g. (a) Find the speed of the bullet/block combination immediately after the collision. (b) How high does the combination...
  39. Texas history
    1. Who were the buffalo soldiers? A. African-American US Calvary units that fought against the Comanche B. Comanche rangers who also hunted buffalo C. Private security hired by Texas cattleman to protect them from the Comanche D. Soldiers of signed by the US army to attack the...
  40. math
    The roof of a tunnel is in the shape of a parabolic arch whose highest point is 18m above the road. The road surface is 16m wide. Lights are placed in the tunnel 12 meters high. How far from center of the tunnel are the lights placed?
  41. english
    During halftime at the local high school, Felipe noticed a cheerleader crying, the coach yelling, and the fans emptying the stands. need to make sure this is the correct puntuatuiom
  42. math
    If 400 bricks measuring 81" by 31" are required to build a wall 42 ft. high, how long is the wall?
  43. Math
    which would you measure using feet 1.length of your finger 2.length of your school 3.(length of your room) 4.distance across town
  44. math
    A 10 meter ladder is placed against a building at an angle of 75 degree with the ground. how high up the building does the ladder reach?
  45. Foundations of Algebra
    20. Is it more difficult to walk up the ramp (6 ft high 8 ft long) or the hill (8 ft high, 12 ft long)? I am confused on this.
  46. Chemistry
    For the reaction of 2 HCl + Na2CO3 -> H2O + CO2 + 2 NaCl, how can I visually identify the limiting reagent, without any calculations? If I have a very high percent yield, what would be a good reason for it, considering that the HCl was diluted to 0.050 L at 0.8 M ...
  47. PE
    To eat more healthful and decrease your calorie intake, MyPlate recommends that you 1.eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no snacks in between meals. 2.eliminate starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and lima beans that are high in carbohydrates. 3.drink fruit juice for ...
  48. PE
    When reading a recipe ingredients, which substance makes the recipe an unhealthy choice if it is present in a high amount? Parentheses are the ones i answered. 1.fiber 2.protein 3.trans fat 4.(unsaturated fat)
  49. physics
    A high-jumper, having just cleared the bar, lands on an air mattress and comes to rest. Had she landed directly on the hard ground, her stopping time would have been much shorter. Using the impulse-momentum theorem as your guide, determine which one of the following statements...
  50. Algebra 2
    A 10 person student council will be selected from 18 students at a school. How many poss are there for this council?
  51. Language Arts
    I have a few questions I need help with; I have more, but I can wait on those ones. 8. Read the following sentences from “First Confession.” Then, to crown my misfortunes, I had to make my first confession and Communion. It was an old woman called Ryan who prepared us for ...
  52. math
    from the top of a vertical mast 150m high,two huts on the same ground level are observed. One due east and the other due west of the mast. Their angles of depression are 60° and 45° respectively. Find the distance between the huts. Solutuons with diagram
  53. Algebra
    For the school play, one adult ticket costs $10 and one student ticket cost $6. Twice as many student tickets as adult tickets were sold. The total receipts were $3 300. How many of each kind of ticket were sold?
  54. physics
    A ball rolls of the top of stairway with a horizontal speed of 1.5m\s. The steps are 0.5 metre high and 0.5 metre wide. Which step will the ball hit first?
  55. physics
    A rifle with muzzle velocity of 460m\s shoot a bullet at small target 46 metre away. How high above the target must the gun be aimed so that the bullet will hit the target.
  56. children's literature
    With pre-school children, a first step in engaging children in the reading process is to read stories in which characters are faced with a decision to be made and in which there is: A. no clear-cut answer. B. no solution. C. a set of choices provided. D. an obvious solution. i...
  57. geometry
    if the radii of two circular ends of conical bucket which is 30cm high are 14 and 7 cm find the toal surface area and capacity of bucket
  58. Physics
    The rear window in a car is approximately a rectangle, 2.0 m wide and 0.37 m high. The inside rearview mirror is 0.52 m from the driver's eyes, and 1.38 m from the rear window. a) What is the minimum length for the rearview mirror if the driver is to be able to see the entire ...
  59. Language Arts
    I am having a trouble with a few questions. 4. Which of the following sentences from “Poor Fish” does not support the story’s theme of self-loathing and inferiority? A. “But I looked upon myself as being as fragile as glass, as the thinnest glass, in fact, and that was...
  60. math
    Students at an elementary school are given a questionnaire that they are required to return after their parents have completed it. One of the questions asked is, "Do you find that your work schedule makes it difficult for you to spend time with your kids after school?" Of the ...
    Question: Suppose you have sunlight shining on two clear containers of water on a table. Light waves refract through one of the containers but diffract around the other container. Describe how the two containers are different. A link would be useful too, or a website! (I have ...
  62. Physical Science
    Question: Suppose you have sunlight shining on two clear containers of water on a table. Light waves refract through one of the containers but diffract around the other container. Describe how the two containers are different. (I have to write three lines, it's not a lot) ...
  63. physics
    A 45-kg girl is bouncing on a trampoline. During a certain interval after leaving the surface of the trampoline, her kinetic energy decreases to 210 J from 400 J. How high does she rise during this interval? Neglect air resistance.
  64. Math
    Ryan has a collection of220 baseball cards.helets his bro have 1/4 of his collection & sells 20% of the coll to the baseball card shop. he takes 15 cards to school to give his fireds how many baseball cards remain in ryan coll? 1/4=55 to school=15 70-220=150 205 of 150=30 shop...
  65. English
    What do you mean by accurate? I'm confused. I have been out of school since the 70's. Thank you!
  66. math
    An extension laddder is to be placed against a house so that it reaches 1 ft above the edge of the roof, which is 23.5 ft high. The ladder makes an angle of 70 degrees with the ground. How long must the ladder be? How far is the distance from the house to the base of the ladder?
  67. Health
    1. To eat more healthful and decrease your calorie intake, MyPlate recommends that you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no snacks in between meals. eliminate starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, and lima beans that are high in carbohydrates. drink fruit juice for extra...
  68. English
    As Principal speaker in your school debate competition, write your arguments for against the motion television is doing more harm than good
  69. Social Studies
    1)What was John James Audubon famous for? A)painting and cataloguing American animals, especially birds. B)painting the new living conditions in urbanized areas. C)representing new immigrants through drawings and paintings. D)surveying and creating maps of western lands. 2)For...
  70. Algebra
    Shirts with the a school's mascot were printed, and the table shows the number of people who bought them the first, second, third, and fourth weeks after their release. Which graph could represent the data shown in the table? Weeks | Number of sales 1 |22 2 |50 3 |62 4 |75 a. ...
  71. math
    A teacher from Anderson Middle School printed k nametags in preparation for the science fair. Half of the nametags were given out to students and 100 nametags were given out to parents. Three-fifths of the remaining nametags were given out to teachers and contests judges. How ...
  72. ELA
    1. Read the following passage from The Cay. “Young bahss,” he said, coming back under the shelter, “mebbe before d’night, a schooner will pass dis way, an’ if dat ’appens, you may drink d’whole kag. Mebbe d’schooner will not pass dis way, so we mus’ make our ...
  73. Science!
    Which of the following correctly identifies active transport? (1 point) Transport proteins move large molecules from areas of low concentration to areas of high concentration using cellular energy. Transport proteins move large molecules from areas of low concentration to ...
  74. All
    If a student went to a mental hospital for depression and suicidal thoughts and they go to an online school why do they get marked down in participation for being behind.
  75. Math
    Paul is standing at the bottom of a hill that is 150 meters high. He measures the angle of the elevation of the top of the hill to be 32 degrees. If the slope of the hill is constant, how far will his walk to the top of the hill be
    Badger Bus Line; c=75+1.25x For what trip lengths can the school use Badger Bus if they have at most $300 to spend on transportation?
  77. math
    Please help with this test, I was out of school for awhile due to my dad passing away from heart and kidney failure. I'm trying to catch up on missing work and get good grades to make my mom happy and every time I ask my teachers for help with this test they really don't help ...
  78. physics
    A boy lining a railway bridge 49ft. high, sees a train uproaching with uniform speed and attempt to drop a stone down to railway. He releases the stone when engine is 80ft. away from the point below his position and sees the stone hits in the ground just 3 ft. in front of the ...
  79. Math
    the number of library books in a school increased by 20% after it bought new books in May , the number increased by another 20% after a bookstore donated 300 books in June - Find the number of books in the library before it bought new books in May
  80. math
    Pretend that you are now a senior in high school. You have been planning a vacation for mid-winter recess with your friends. Ten years ago, your parents put $200 in a savings account for you. It offered 6% simple interest rate to spend on food and souvenirs. Your mom offered ...
  81. Math
    A rope hangs from the ceiling. It reaches the floor exactly. It's 4 feet from the wall. When it's pulled to the wall, the end of the rope is 4 inches above the floor. How high is the ceiling?
  82. Math
    A rope hangs from the ceiling. It reaches the floor exactly. It is 4 feet from the wall. When it is pulled to the wall, the end of the rope is 4 inches above the floor. How high is the ceiling?
  83. math
    There are 3 boys for every 4 girls in school. If there are 200 girls, how many pupils are there in all? Help me please. This is my homework and I need it right now because we have a class for tomorrow.
  84. Science(physics)
    A boy while driving to his school covers at the average speed of 15km/h.On his return trip along the same route, covers at the average speed of 25km/h due to less traffic.What is the average speed for the whole trip
  85. math
    The no of library books in a school increased by 20% after it bought new books in May , the number increased by another 20% after a book store donated 300 books in June - Find the no of books in library before it bought new books in May
  86. Physics
    A 55kg person pushes on the floor with 800 N of force for 0.25 seconds. How high do they jump off the ground? I know how to find acceleration but I can't find distance.
  87. bio
    The human egg cell above is magnified using a 10´ ocular lens and a 40´ high power objective lens. (a) Calculate the overall magnification. (b) If the field of view at high-power magnification is 400 mm, calculate the size of the field of view when the magnification is ...
  88. American Government
    Please check my answers 2. What does congressional power of the purse refer to? A. Congress taxes all individuals who earn money in the US B. Congress taxes all corporations who make a profit in the US C. Congress finances the federal government and all its programs D. ...
  89. Math
    In a school of 350 student there are 40 more girls than boys , how many girls are there? And how many boys are there?
  90. seven lakes junior high school Math
    A figure is reflected from Quadrant II to Quadrant III. Is it a x-axis or a y-axis.
  91. History
    Your answer 8.5 (C) 1. The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans emerged as separate political parties partly as a result of disagreement over — * 5 points how the nation should develop economically whether to enforce the Monroe Doctrine how the nation should admit new ...
  92. Grade 6, percentage
    A survey conducted in a school showed that 65% of the pupils walked to school.the remaining number of pupils took buses to school the ratio of the number of pupils who took school buses to those who took public buses was 4:3.there were 360 more pupils who walked than those who...
  93. school md english school
    if sec theta =13/12 then find the value of sin theta and cot theta
  94. Maths
    I posted yesterday but feel I confused the issue with an incorrect calculation of an angle, I have just realised my mistake!. I also think I should come clean about my circumstances. I am a mature (very) student, in fact a retired commercial fisherman and am studying celestial...
  95. LA
    PLEASE check my answer this is my last test and i d not want to mess up PLEASE 1. Which sentence contains an opinion? (1 point) Thomas Jefferson supported American independence from Great Britain. He was a lawyer in his home state of Virginia. Jefferson authored the ...
  96. Government
    1. Read this excerpt from the textbook about state legislators. " The rate of turnover and legislative seats is fairly high although it tends to vary from state to state and time to time. In a given year some 20% of all lawmakers around the country are serving their first term...
  97. language arts
    anyone who read the watsons please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. Which of the following passages from the novel best describes the setting? A.It was one of those super-­duper­-cold Saturdays  B.One of those days that when you breathed out your breath kind of hung frozen in the air...
  98. Math
    It takes Marty 1 1/4 hours to get ready for school. If 1/5 of that time is used to shower, what fraction of an hour does it take him to shower?
  99. Language Arts
    ________________________________________​ 1. What is the purpose of subheadings in informational text? A. To Highlight Ideas B. To identify Ideas <- C. To summarize info in a different way D. To Define Specialized Vocab ________________________________________​ ...
  100. Math
    A ball is dropped from a height of 16 feet and always rebounds 0.25 of the distance fallen.How high did it rebound the 5th time?
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