High School

Physical Science
Like water, hydrogen fluoride, HF, and ammonia, NH3, have relatively high boiling points. Explain. A.The polar molecules of each of these materials have relatively strong attractions for themselves, which translates to relatively high boiling points. B. Since these molecules ...

andy counted his steps as he walked halfway around the school. he counted 654 steps. about how many steps is it around the school?

Math and Please Help!
Jade is painting a rectangular wall. The wall is 4 1/4 yd long and 2 2/3 yd high. The formula for the area of a rectangle is A=bh. What is the area of the wall? I think the answer is 11 and one thirds.

Satellite images help meteorologists in all the following ways except: a) monitoring changes in the strength of storms b) locating areas of high and low pressure systems. c) predicting rainfall amounts d) recording daily high and low temperatures. I think the answer is c or d...

Volunteer Spotlight: Jane Birch Meet Jane Birch: Having always been described as the “Merry-Little-Helper”, Jane simply loves doing things for other people. Through her passion for volunteering and dedication to serving the community, Jane has always been active in roles ...

From the top of a Cliff 90metre high, the angle of depression of a boat on the sea is 26.2 degree.calculate how far the boat is from the from the foot of the cliff and from the top of the cliff

college algebra
A rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 28 meters per second from the top of a 38 meter high cliff, and it misses the cliff on the way back down. When will the rock be 7 meters from the water, below? Round your answer to two decimal places. Gravity Formula

Managerial Finance
Gluon Inc. is considering the purchase of a new high pressure glueball. It can purchase the glueball for $200,000 and sell its old low-pressure glueball, which is fully depreciated, for $36,000. The new equipment has a 10-year useful life and will save $44,000 a year in ...

Set up and solve a system of equations The school that Joe goes to is selling tickets to a spring musical. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 12 adult tickets and 2 child for a total of $122. The school took $160 on the second day by selling 7 adult tickets and 8...

please help!! A storage tank 32 m high is filled with pure water. (Assume the tank is open and exposed to the atmosphere at the top.) (a) Find the gauge pressure at the bottom of the tank. (b) Calculate the magnitude of the net force that acts on a square access hatch at the ...

Set up and solve a system of equations for each problem John and Belinda are selling pies for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy apple pies and cherry pies. John sold 3 apple pies and 9 cherry pies for a total of $183. Belinda sold 6 apple pies and 13 cherry pies for a ...

A pool ball leaves a 0.6 m high table with an initial horizontal velocity of 2.4 m.s.calculate horizontal and vertical velocity and time taken for the pool ball to fall to the ground

Steve and Belinda are selling pies for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy apple pies and cherry pies. John sold 3 apple pies and 9 cherry pies for a total of $183. Belinda sold 6 apple pies and 13 cherry pies for a total of $276. What is the cost each of one apple pies and...

For a flourish at the end of her act, a juggler tosses a single ball high in the air. She catches the ball 3.6 s later at the same height from which it was thrown. Part A-What was the initial upward speed of the ball?2sf

Effective Learning Environment
You're developing your preschool room arrangement. Which would be the most effective way to divide the classroom? A. Divide the room into different centers using low shelves. B. Divide the room into different centers using shelves that are five feet high. C. Use different ...

Statistics for Finance
Question 3 [17 Marks) There are five (5) set of data; A to E is provided for this question. Each group will be assigned to analyze ONE dataset only and answer the questions below. The assigned dataset will be determined by your lecturer in separate announcement in MMLS. Below ...

if the freezing point of the solution is recorded 0.2 degrees C lower than the actual freezing point, will the molar mass determination for the unknown solid be too high or too low?

Algebra With Pizzazz
I missed a week of school and I know nothing. Next thing I know we get page 163 and have to do everything on it. I don't know anything it's on System of equations substitutinal method.

History - please check my answers
Which of the following of protections under the establishment clause of the first amendment? Select 2. -A father objects to his sons school including a daily prayer <<< -an Amish family objects to a law requiring schooling until age 16 -restrictions are placed on the ...

Analytical Chemistry
1. If the unknown solid were not dried before analysis, would the calculated percent of KHP be too high or too low? Explain

Identifying the Structure of Sentences
Identify the structure of each of the following sentences as either simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex 1. If this offense is reported, he will receive a severe fine. 2. The apples, peaches, and pears are in the refrigerator. <-- simple 3. Father will fly home ...

A flagpole casts a shadow 17 m long. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the flagpole is 58 . How high is the flagpole to the nearest decimal?

Recognizing Compound-Complex Sentences
Put parentheses around each subordinate clause that you find. 1.The mountain areas are barren, but the valleys are fertile since they are irrigated daily. <--- The subordinate clause is ''since they are irrigated daily.'' and ''but the valleys are fertile.'' 2. The ...

walk 1 mile to house and 1/2 mile to school how far you walk altogether

Social Studies---Please Help!
How did Prince Henry of Portugal contribute to maritime exploration? A) He led many voyages west across the Atlantic in search of the West Indies. B) He encouraged the use of ancient pirate routes to explore and find new land. C) He funded any and all exploration voyages for ...

Science---Hurry Please Help!
What do the lines making a circle around the high-pressure area indicate? A) Areas of equal pressure B) Areas of equal altitude C) An occluded front D) A stationary front

home business, not school
if I have a package of 470 beads and the package costs $8.90 how much is each individual bead?

Math Independent & Dependent.
Hey! I am a Connexus user. I was wondering if anyone could help me on this question because I can't seem to understand independent and dependent variables for some reason. I've tried everything like asking my teacher, doing examples myself, reading from other articles, etc. So...

That Old Straw Sojourner David Matherne An old patched hat, which was almond with trim-red, Watched as it sat on an old, thin head. And what it saw, and what it knew, Was more than more of you Might even ever construe 5 From just a patched, old hat. It’d seen a child die—...

There are 90 kids that attend Harlem High School. If 40 are in Mrs. Fetter's class, and 20 are in Mrs. Cassy's class, what percent make up the last classroom?

in a school band, 2/5 of the students play wind instruments. In the woodwind section, 1/2 of the students play the clarinet. What part of the band plays the clarinet?

A stone is thrown straight up from the edge of a roof, 600 feet above the ground, at a speed of 12 feet per second. A. Remembering that the acceleration due to gravity is -32 feet per second squared, how high is the stone 6 seconds later? B. At what time does the stone hit the...

100th day school
how many does it take to have 100 inches worth of nickels how many would it be

Math 10C
Janet needs a rectangular piece of cardboard measuring 21 ft by 24 ft for a school project. a) What is the area of the cardboard in square feet? b) What is the area of the cardboard in square yards? Show your calculations in two different ways. c) The store charges $0.35/m2 ...

Social Studies
Which of the following is a major example of Abraham Lincoln's policy of leniency toward the defeated South? A. Pres Lincoln's willingness to have federal government assume responsibility of the Confederate government's war debts. B. Pres Lincoln's choice to have a Southerner ...

Explain in detail how you would find the density of an unknown high-density object if you had only the objects listed below.If you show calculations, make sure you define your variables.Assume all containers are large enough to hold the object.... You have: - beaker with ...

The ratio of girls to boys in a school is 5:3. If there 60 boys, how many girls are in the school? I guessed it is 5+3=8.8/60

A tennis ball is hit into the air and can be modeled by h=16t*2++40t+3, where h is the height t is the time it takes the ball to travel. 1) At what time t does the ball reach its maximum height above the court? How high did the ball go? 2) How long did it take the ball to hit ...

She needs to prepare 160 pounds of blended coffee beans selling for ​$3.69per pound. She plans to do this by blending together a​ high-quality bean costing ​$5.00 per pound and a cheaper bean at ​$2.00 per pound. To the nearest​ pound, find how much​ high-quality ...

Explain in detail how you would find the density of an unknown high-density object if you had only the objects listed below.If you show calculations, make sure you define your variables.Assume all containers are large enough to hold the object.... You have: 1. - A spring scale...

A circus cat has been trained to leap off a 12-m-high platform and land on a pillow. The cat leaps off at v0 = 3.6 m/s and an angle θ = 37°

Explain in detail how you would find the density of an unknown high-density object if you had only the objects listed below.If you show calculations, make sure you define your variables.Assume all containers are large enough to hold the object.... You have: 1. - A spring scale...

644 students packed a school's auditorium for a assembly. students sat in 12 rows. Rows were divided into 8 sections.

alex is painting the side of his school. he paints a wall that has an area of 41 1/3 square yards. he uses 1 1/3 gallons of orange paint. what is alex's rate of paint coverage in square yards per gallon?

1. We are going to start/begin the class debate contest. 2. The school debate contest will be held soon. 3. Let's begin the school debate contest. ---------------------- Can a student use all the directions when he begins the debate as an MC? Do we have to use 'contest'? What ...

Intermediate Algebra
Sarah Meeham blends coffee for​ Tasti-Delight. She needs to prepare 150 pounds of blended coffee beans selling for $4.45 per pound. She plans to do this by blending together a​ high-quality bean costing $5.25per pound and a cheaper bean at $3.25 per pound. To the nearest...

The mean of five numbers is 20. Four of the numbers are 24,19,25, and 22. What is the fifth number? PLZ HELP ME BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS.show me how to get the answer

A small dog is trained to jump straight up a distance of 1.2 m. How much kinetic energy does the 7.2-kg dog need to jump this high? (The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2.) Show your work for credit.

Assume you have a canon aimed straight up. The cannonball is shot at a velocity of v_0=69 m/s. How high does the cannonball go? How much time does it take the cannonball to reach that height?

Supportive Learning Environment
Which of the following statements is true about stress in young children? A. Children who experience high stress in the early childhood years develop coping skills that result in a higher threshold to stress in later years. B. Stress isn't as harmful in very young children ...

Psychology Assessment
1. The fact that online instruments may not be available to individuals who do not have access to computers and/or the Internet raises concerns about the ______________ of online assessments. a. Asian Americans score significantly higher than Whites, which accounts for the ...

the number of boys to girls in a school is in the ratio 12:13 .if difference hetween no.of boys and girls is 56 how many boys are there in the school

Revise the sentence below to make it more formal: 'You're going to get really fat if you eat at fast foods restaurants all the time. My version: If you continue eating at fast food restaurants all the time, the possibility of becoming obese will be very high. Please check my ...

1. What was described as the "hardest work" slaves did? A: Work in rice fields B: Work in tobacco fields**** C: Work in the lumber business D: work loading and unloading ships in port 2. Which of the following best describes the social class of a small farmer A: Elite of the ...

If 0.35 moles of SO3 is placed in a 1 dm3 flask and allowed to come to equilibrium at a high temperature, 0.207 mole of S03 remains. Calculate Kc For the reaction 2SO3 Double arrow 2SO2 +02

A stone is dropped from a balloon going up with a uniform velocity of 5.0 m/s. If the balloon was 50 m high when the stone was dropped, find its height (in meters) when the stone hits the ground. Take g = 10 m/s2 (A) 50 (B) 58 (C) 68 (D) 78.5

LA ( anyone help or correct me plz
1. Which question best relates to these details in "Winter"? Frogs burrow the mud / snails bury themselves (1 point) A What happens to frogs in the winter? B How do animals differ from people in the winter? C Why do snails bury themselves? D How do creatures prepare for winter...

A teacher gives a reading skills test to a third-grade class of n = 25 at the beginning of the school year. To evaluate the changes that occur during the year, students are tested again at the end of the year. Their test scores showed an average improvement of MD = 12.7 points...

Check answers please: Health
1. When reading a recipe's ingredients, which substance makes the recipe an unhealthy choice if it is present in a high amount? A. Fiber B. Protein C. Trans fat*** D. Unsaturated fat 2. Of the five food groups, which one should be consumed in the smallest amount? A. Dairy*** B...

1. Clay is on the basketball team at his high school. In one game, he had a total of 20 points, made up of 2-point and 3-point baskets. If he made a total of 9 baskets, how many of each type shot did he make?

There are five Voting Districts in the City; District A with 877 constituents, District B with 1062 constituents, District C with 1364 constituents, District D with 1518 constituents, and District E with 1933 constituents. There are 14 available on the local School Board. Use ...

a post 47 m high is supported by two equal wires attached to its top and to two points on a level ground, each of it is 18 m from the food of the post. Find the length of each wire

The north wall of a barn is a rectangle 25 feet high and 60 feet long. There are five windows in the wall, each 8 by 10 feet. If a gallon of paint will cover 275 ft2, how many gallons of paint must the painter buy to paint the wall?

A person sitting on a boat is situated 2m above sea level. They note that a straight line from themselves to the top most point of a nearby lighthouse is 16 degrees. After travelling a further 50m directly away from the lighthouse this angle has decreased to 12 degrees. How ...

Mr. Hernandez asked his students to estimate the area of the circular garden in front of the school. If the radius of the garden is 7 feet, which statement is closest to the area of the garden

The passage: Suppose the state is considering a proposal to raise the legal driving age from 16 to 18. The following letter addresses this proposal. Dear Editor, I understand that the state wants to raise the driving age to 18. That change would be a great mistake. The reason ...

Hello again, I'm really sorry... We were learning about pH scales, bases, and acids. It was kind of hard in a way but it was alright, I'm kind of in the hang of it now. But this question really stumps me. "Why is it important for the pH of blood to remain constant?" My unsure ...

Just checking a few questions. Which of the following topics is the clearest example of the informative purpose? A. a short essay describing a recent trip to New Zealand ***? B. a eulogy for a deceased friend ***? C. a glowing movie review ***? D. a dialogue between two ...

A ball is thrown horizontally of a cliff. If the initial speed of the ball is 24.0 m/s and the cliff is 124.0 m high, how far from the base of the cliff will the ball land in the water below? Calculate the answer in meters (m) and rounded to three significant figures.

physical science
Look at the graph below measuring the speed of a truck and answer the following 2 questions: a) If the graph represents speed, what is measured on the x and y axes? You need to specifically identify which axis is which. b) Based on what the y axis measures, explain the motion ...

Look at the graph below measuring the speed of a truck and answer the following 2 questions: a) If the graph represents speed, what is measured on the x and y axes? You need to specifically identify which axis is which. b) Based on what the y axis measures, explain the motion ...

physical science
Look at the graph below measuring the speed of a truck and answer the following 2 questions: a) If the graph represents speed, what is measured on the x and y axes? You need to specifically identify which axis is which. b) Based on what the y axis measures, explain the motion ...

Write a letter to your friend in another school describing at least three thing that you like and dislike

The dimension of a closed box are 30cm by 20cm by 10cm high. If the thickness of all six panels is 1 cm find its volume.

A girl runs up a stairway that is 6m high with a 500g book, her mass is 70kg. Take g=10m/s2 calculate (a) weight of the book (b) weight of the girl (c) the total work done by the girl when she reaches the top

A typical car under hard braking loses speed at a rate of about 6 m/s2. The typical reaction time to engage the brakes is 0.50 s. A local school board sets the speed limit in a school zone such that all cars should be able to stop in 5.0 m. What maximum speed does this imply ...

Math, Data Management
A President and Vice- President for a school council are chosen from a hat with the names of all 12 members in the hat. Determine the probability that Nisha and Anne are chosen as President and Vice- President respectively. Answer Provided: 1/132.

Six groups of students sell 162balloons at the school carnival there are three students in each group if student sells the same number of balloons how many balloons does each to student sell

A boy kicks a rock off a cliff with a speed of 15.5m/s at an angle of 53.5° above the horizontal. The rock hits the ground 5.37s after it was kicked. How high is the cliff? I found the height of the cliff which is 7.45*10^1 m. What is the speed of the rock right before it ...

.) Read the following sentences from "The Pin". "That all changed when my family moved. My new school is three times bigger than my old school. At first, no one here knew me. The kids were polite, but they did not treat me like a good friend. For a few days, I felt sad and ...

a pipet can be calibrated. we expected the volume to be 25.00ml, but the actual volume was significantly less. if you had measured the density of an unknown with this pipet and assumed that v=25.00ml, your result would not be correct. would it be too high or too low? Explain

des school
the volume of a cylinder 288picm3 the base radius is 8 cm find its tsa leave the answer in terms of

a school has 720 pupils. one day 36 pupils were absent, what fraction represented those who are present?

You want to jump from an 8.2 m high building to a 10 m high building. The gap between the buildings is 2.4 m, and you can run fast enough so that your speed as you leave the edge of the lower building is 7.0 m/s. What range of launch angles will allow you to reach the top of ...

Identify each of the following consequences either positive reinforcement (PR), negative reinforcement (NR), negative punishment (NP) or positive punishment (PUN). NP 1. A teacher meeting with a parent makes that parent feel less powerful by having her sit on small, ...

Three boxes are stacked one on top of the other. One box is 2 feet 8 inches tall, one is 4 feet 7 inches tall, and one is 3 feet 11 inches tall. How high is the stack? Write your answer in feet and inches. Use a number less than 12 for inches. Please explain

Jai bharti public school maths
A play ground is 120m long and 150m wide how much distance will sam cover if he goes 3 times around it?

A centrifuge is a device in which a small container of material is rotated at a high speed on a circular path. Such a device is used in medical laboratories, for instance, to cause the more dense red blood cells to settle through the less dense blood serum and collect at the ...

The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall. What scale would be used to make a model 20 inches high?

At the beginning of the 1974/75 school year a man invested 2000 in a bank at 12and half% compound interest if he with 650 at the end of each school fees how much did he have left at beginning of the 1978/79

P.E (Physical Education
what would be a good way to improve your own health and the health of others within the school community?

2/5 of a school are boys. when 1/5 of the boys are absent 160 boys are present. How many girls are in the school?

At Murky Middle School, 372 students ride the bus to school. If this number is 60% of school enrollment, then how many students are enrolled at the school?

A pedestrian is an between two tall building, from a point 10 meter high on the first building, the angle of depression of the pedestrian is 20°,10' from the same point, the angle of elevation of the top of the second building is 15°,20'. If the two building are 40 meter ...

A ball is dropped from a height of 30 feet and allowed to bounce until it comes to arrest each time the ball bounces it rebounds to 3/5 of its previous high after which bounce is the boss hi 10.8 feet. I understand the height gets shorter but is there a equation to solving ...

a brick is dropped form the roof of a building. On the way down it passes a 2m high window and is observed to pass from the top to the bottom of the window in 0.25s. (a) How fast was it moving when it passed the top of the window? (b)How far below the roof of the building is ...

Suppose you find fossils of clams in rock high on a mountain. what can you infer about the mountain?

A high fountain of water is located at the center of a circular pool as shown in the figure below. Not wishing to get his feet wet, a student walks around the pool and measures its circumference to be 19.0 m. Next, the student stands at the edge of the pool and uses a ...

I am writing a compare and contrast essay between private school and public school can you help me write it

Scientific Method Project In a 2-page maximum type written paper, complete research on a topic of question from the readings. Utilizing the scientific method, document the application of the steps in determining your hypothesis and findings. Each step is worth up to 20 points...

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