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The United States had strong ties to north Africa and Southwest Asia. This region lies where that continents of Africa, Asia, in Europe meet. It is a region inhabited by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. As in past years, old conflicts in this region continued after 2000, in new conflicts emerged. The United States was a close ally of Israel, a mainly Jewish nation. At the same time, the US economy relies on the oil production of the Muslim nations, such as Saudi Arabia. The United States tried to resolve conflicts in this region. It remain committed to supporting democracy, its allies, in its own national Interests.

19. based on information in the passage, what generalization about US policy in the region described is best supported?

A. the United States has often intervene in middle Eastern religious conflict.

B. US leaders must carefully balance competing goals.

C. US energy needs mostly shape foreign policy in the middle east.

D. The United States has repeatedly changed its approach to the region.

  1. Ms. Sue

    You read the passage. What is your answer?

  2. Writeacher
    Southwest Asia??? Do you mean the Middle East?

    Which do you think is the correct answer?

  3. bobpursley

    About 100 years ago, when I was your age, we had something in writing called topic sentences, about which the entire paragraph was woven. Is there any reason not to think this is the topic sentence? <<As in past years, old conflicts in this region continued after 2000, in new conflicts emerged.>>

    So which of the answers focus on that topic?

  4. Bella

    Is it A

  5. Ms. Sue

    Maybe I missed it, where does that paragraph mention the U.S. intervening in religious conflict?

  6. Bella

    Well nowhere is it c

  7. bobpursley

    Bella, you have a serious reading comprehension issue. There are folks who specialize in working on that. do you have a reading teacher? I recommend start with the 5th grade, and work upwards. Ask your mom to help you. If you don't get this corrected, you might as well be a dead duck in school.

  8. Ms. Sue

    It's not c. I've checked two of your answers. Now you're on your own. Please do not post this question again.

  9. Bella

    no i'm just half blind in both my eyes and online school is better than public school!!! So thanks for that! Imagine having to wear glasses as thick as an inch!!!!

  10. Ms. Sue

    If you can physically read the words, you need to work on understanding what you need.

  11. Writeacher


    Don't take offense about reading abilities.

    My daughter wore those inch-thick glasses for years, starting in 1st grade. In high school, she was able to start wearing contacts, but she still had many, many sight issues over the years. However, she learned to understand what she read. You can, too.

    The point of what bobpursley and Ms. Sue wrote is this ~~> that reading the words (called de-coding) is only one part of true reading. The other part is comprehension -- understanding what you read. We must do both in order to truly read.

    Please re-read what bobpursley wrote above and check into that website. Please follow his suggestions.

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