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Is the Grammarly plagiarism checker reliable? I put one of my short answers in there a while ago and it said that there was significant plagiarism. Now, about one-two weeks later, I put in the same paragraph and it is saying that there is no plagiarism.
I am confused now and don't know if I should rewrite my paragraph.
Are there any other plagiarism checkers? And is Grammarly reliable?

Please help!!!

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    A while ago, when i put my paragraph into Grammarly, I rechecked it multiple times. Sometimes, it said that that there was plagiarism and sometimes it said that there wasn't any. Now when I check it multiple times it says that there is no plagiarism, even though I didn't change my paragraph at all

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    I don't know about Grammarly -- but your experience tells us a lot.

    Try some of these plagiarism checkers.

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    I tried the two results under Grammarly and they are saying that there is no plagiarism. I got really unsure about sending in my answer after Grammarly said that there was plagiarism but I think I will keep it the same now.
    Do you agree or should I change it?

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    You know whether you copied much if anything from another source.

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    I used to use a great deal, and I think it's connected to

    Anyway, try out Plagiarism Checking at the left. I haven't used it lately, but I've heard teachers in my granddaughter's high school refer to it.

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    Thank you!!

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    You’re welcome!

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