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posted by Hehehe ;)

Which of the following was necessary to fulfill the idea of Manifest Destiny?

  1. Ms. Sue

    None of the above

  2. Hehehe ;)

    Which of the following was necessary to fulfill the idea of Manifest Destiny?
    A.nullification of unjust land grants
    B.expansion of suffrage
    C.the support of the Supreme Court
    D.advances in transportation
    sorry I've never done this before

  3. Writeacher

    Now you need to indicate what YOU THINK the correct choice is. No guessing. Depend on what you've read in your text and logical thinking.

  4. Damon

    I bet you can figure it out without the book if you think about doing it :)

  5. yo

    sorry but saying to use a book and logical thinking when you've been looking for hours! doesn't help

  6. Mrs. P

    The answer is A ,

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