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A local park is always littered with trash. Every time Alisha takes her dog to the park, she can't help but notice that trash is everywhere. She knows that this is a hazard to the environment. When she looks around, Alisha realizes that the park only contains a few overflowing trash cans and no recycling bins. Alisha decides to organize a rally in her community to help bring about awareness, as well as to hopefully solve the problem.

Which of the following best describes Alisha's actions?

A. Alisha is participating in democracy by planning to vote.

B. Alisha is participating in democracy by organizing a protest to change a law.

C. Alisha is participating in democracy by speaking out on local issues

D. Alisha is participating in democracy by meeting with her local representatives.

I choose D, but if I'm wrong please tell me why.

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    I don't see anything in the paragraph about meeting with local representatives. Did I miss something?

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    No, you're not missing something. But I know it wouldn't D or B, because in B it's says she's trying to change a law but she isn't

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    Does it not say she is organizing a rally "to help bring about awareness," and "hopefully solve the problem"? Is litter in the park a local issue?

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    It is a local issue, so I can A as well. That means it's C!
    Because C says
    " Alisha is participating in democracy by speaking out on local issues "

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    Yes, right.

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    Thank you so much, Reed and Writeacher!

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    You're welcome!

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