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The Renaissance positively impacted education in Europe (1). During the Renaissance educational methods changed from passive rote recitation to active analysis (2). Advancements in education spread literacy and led to new innovations and knowledge (3). In addition, education changed from primarily secular topics to religious education taught by the Catholic Church (4).
i think 1,2,3 are true and 4 is false

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    I agree with your answers; however I'm not sure about 2. Be sure your text backs you up.

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    ok thank you

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    I agree with 2), mainly because of the invention of the printing press, and demand for more books, and more information.

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    If the numbers are at the END of the sentences in question, then I would say 2 is false. Learning Latin, Greek, math, etc., was all very much in the form of rote learning during the Renaissance.

    I think Bob Pursley was referring to sentence 3, and I agree with him on that.

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