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Which details help you more fully understand Yoni's character and intentions? Evaluate the line, “No prep, no plotting, natural as can be…”

Lines with answer: "It was genius, Yoni was sure. And, if not, at least it was cheap. All he needed was a door to knock on and a heart beating on the other side. With a little decent footage, he was sure he’d be able to sell it to Channel 8 or Discovery in a flash, either as a film or as a bunch of vignettes, little cinematic corners, each with that singular soul standing in a doorway, followed by three killer wishes, precious, every one. Even better, maybe he’d cash out, package it with a slogan and sell it to a bank or cellular phone company. Maybe tag it with something like “Different dreams, different wishes, one bank.” Or “The bank that makes dreams come true.” No prep, no plotting, natural as can be, Yoni grabbed his camera and went out knocking on doors. In the first neighborhood he went to, the kindly folk that took part generally requested the foreseeable things: health, money, bigger apartments, either to shave off a couple of years or a couple of pounds."

  1. Writeacher

    Who's Yoni?

    Is there a title and author for all this?

  2. Reed

    Regardless of the work this excerpt comes from, I think the cinematographer's intent is quite clear. YOUR assignment is to identify lines that make it clear. We can't do it for you. When you have some ideas, come back and we can discuss them.

  3. Kate

    I'm not quite sure. That's why I'm asking Reed.

  4. Reed

    Make an effort. Then we can react to your ideas. We are not going to do your homework for you. That is cheating.

  5. Kate

    Ok. I think he's cheap, lazy, and loves money?

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