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Please do NOT put any tutor's name in the space for your name.


I have to write about Summer Fun in third person point of view.

Would this be okay:

Summer, a perfect season of the year to spend time outdoors, spend time with family, and go swimming. <~~That's not a complete sentence. How will you fix it? Some fabulous places you<~~That's second person, not third. How will you fix it? can go during the summer are:<~~Do not use a colon after a verb Volcano Bay, Universal Studios, Disney and even Typhoon Lagoon. These places are geared towards families because they have water slides,pools, restaurants and a little bit of everything for everyone.

I also have another paragraph which I wrote. Would any of this be okay for this assignment?

Are you supposed to describe places? Or are you supposed to write about summer fun that YOU have had, but write it as if from someone else's point of view?

  • @Patrick -- please correct your name in future posts -

    I am supposed to write about summer fun that I had but write it as if it is from someone else's point of view. Third Person.

    You need to start over then. What you have written describes places families can go. What you NEED to do is to write about what YOU DID, but in 3rd person. Start like this:

    This summer, Patrick and his family found lots of places to spend time outdoors ...

    [Keep writing ... ]

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