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Two cars collide at an icy intersection and stick together afterward. The first car has a mass of 1200 kg and is approaching at 8.00 m/s due south. The second car has a mass of 850 kg and is approaching at 17.0 m/s due west.
(a) Calculate the final velocity (magnitude and direction) of
the cars. (b) How much kinetic energy is lost in the collision?

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    a. momentum is conserved
    Intial momentum=final momentum=



    direction: arctan4.68/7.05 S of W

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    a. M1*V1 = 1200 * (-8i) = -9600i.
    M2*V2 = 850 * (-17) = -14,450.

    -14,450 - 9600i = 1200V+850V,
    17,349[213.6o] = 2050V,
    V = 8.46 m/s[213.6o] = 8.46 m/s[33.6o] S. of W.

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    OOPS! Henry, not anonymous!

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