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Describe the basis (theories and ideals) of the following movements: a) surrealism, b) dada, c) cubism, d) minimalism.

Is this okay?

Surrealism is an art movement that pushes artists away from working with logic when creating art, and instead work with their dreams, their unconscious mind. The work of Sigmund Freud was to support this theory. Surrealist imagery can really take a viewer's brain out of it's comfort zone, and that is exactly what this movement intended to do. Most of the time this imagery focused around nature, opening minds left and right. The Dadaism art movement's intentions were to oppose all artistic norms, to challenge them. This in turn made Dada, anti-Dada, as those intentions were very strong within the members of the movement. Cubism was the art movement that made way for nonrepresentational art. Not only did artists abandon perspective and realism, they explored many other techniques. They let space flow through objects, blending backgrounds into foregrounds, and showing scenes from various angles. Some would argue that this is a response to the changing experiences of space, movement, and time. Minimalism is a movement that is often interpreted as a reaction against abstract expressionism. Minimalists separate themselves from abstract expressionists by leaving suggestions of biography out of their art, as well as any type of metaphors.

I have a very limited time for this to get turned in, but I have to make sure this is at least "good enough". Any suggestions are welcome, and thank you in advance.

  1. Reed

    None of the tutors here are experts at art history. Your response looks good to me. I hope it does to your teacher. From what little I know, you seem to have a basic understanding of these movements, but I'm no expert. Sorry I can't help more.

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