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I'm working on a research paper for this whole unit in English, the first task is to form research questions. But how do I do that? Is it supposed to be in a MLA format/paragraph type? Do I just list the research questions like I would when I'm doing a shopping list- with bullets next to them in a not complete sentences?

  1. Writeacher

    First of all, here's an excellent online resource for MLA guidelines, including paper format and how to do in-text and bibliography (Works Cited) citations:

    For research questions, I would start with a topic and then list all the questions I could think of regarding that topic. In this process, you might alter your topic or narrow it down. Then you might end up editing your research questions, too.

    I'd list my finalized list of research questions (and yes you can use a bulleted list), but phrase them in complete interrogative sentences..


  2. Carl Wheezer

    Thank you.

  3. Leslie

    A Research Question is a statement that identifies the phenomenon to be studied. For example, “What resources are helpful to new and minority drug abuse researchers?”
    To develop a strong research question from your ideas, you should ask yourself these things:
    Do I know the field and its literature well? What are the important research questions in my field? What areas need further exploration? In case you read till the end, I want to inform you that there you may also have your task done if you go to the site I use. Check Prime-Writing.

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