U.S. History (Check)(REED)

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1. Why did Marcus Garvey call for African Americans to settle in Africa?

A: Marcus Garvey called for African Americans to settle in Africa because he believed African Americans would never find justice or freedom in America.

2. What were some of the reasons behind passing the 18th Amendment?

A: The belief that alcohol was the cause of antisocial behaviors like domestic violence and child abuse, the belief that alcohol had a negative impact on labor productivity, and the belief that the prohibition of alcohol would help greatly reduce unemployment, domestic violence, and poverty were some of the reasons behind the passing of the 18th Amendment.

3. What was the subject matter of many artists and writers in the 1920's?

A: The subject matter of many artists and writers in the 1920's was that of modernism. They tried to express the individual, modern experience.

4. How did the mass media change American society?

A: Mass media fostered a shared national experience that helped unify the United States. It also spread the new ideas and attitudes of the time.

5. What was Harlem and the Harlem Renaissance?

A: Harlem was a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, that served as the center of the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was an African-American literary, artistic, and intellectual movement that took place at the end of World War I until the 1930s. It sparked a political transformation in the United States as well as new trends in literature, art, and music. It also brought international fame to African American arts.

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