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Solve 10a - 5b = 25 for b.
f) b = 10a + 25
g) b = 10a - 25
h) b = 2a +5
i) b = 2a - 5

What exactly are they asking me to do here? Can I get at least one with a step by step, then I'll do the others? And, then you can check my answers. Thanks :)

  1. bobpursley

    10a-5b=25 solve for b.

  2. Hazel

    okay. sorry, but I am still a little confused. Is there anyway you could explain it more proficiently? Sorry.

  3. Nirvana♥

    it is kind of confusing :/

  4. Ms. Sue

    Bobpursley told you the answer and showed you how to solve it. What more do you want?

  5. Nirvana♥

    okay nevermind

  6. Steve

    to solve for b, you want to get b all by itself on one side of the equation.

    The trick is to add/subtract and multiply/divide, keeping in mind that what you do to one side of the equation, you must also do to the other side, so they stay equal.

    So, bob's first step was to
    add 5b and subtract 25 from both sides. At that point, all the b stuff was on one side of the equation.

    Then he divided both sides by 5.

    At that point, b was all alone.

  7. Minahil

    (F) a=5/2

  8. minahil


  9. minahil


  10. mark

    2a -25
    subtract and add so b is alone on one side, then divide by five on the whole equation to get what b is. We will survive Geometry!

  11. mark

    i meant: 2a-5
    Not b=2a-25!

  12. mark

    i meant: 2a-5
    Not b=2a-25!
    Is this from prentice hall geometry,
    Potter School anyone?

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